Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just Another Day in Stirrups

So things are looking up just a bit. Something must have opened up at the original surgeon that was recommended to us and B was able to set up an appointment for next Monday afternoon. I can't wait to get all of my questions answered and have some clarity around my expectations. I also spoke with our nurse and she assured me that using frozen sperm would not be a problem if that is what we need to do. She said the only difference with frozen is that they do ICSI, but they were already planning on doing ICSI for us because of our "unexplained" diagnosis. She did suggest we bank some extra samples just to be safe, so B will be making a couple of stops at the clinic in the next week or so.

I also had my pap and annual exam today. Hopefully the pap comes back normal. Everything else looked fine. I absolutely love my OB. She is so warm and kind and we talked at length about what we've been through in the past year. She was so understanding and encouraging. If anyone needs a recommendation for an OB in Englewood/Littleton, just let me know!

They also drew blood to check thyroid function (TSH and T4) per Dr. S's recommendation.

For some random reason I started spotting a little yesterday and the pap made it a bit worse today and I actually had some cramping. The nurse said it is nothing to be concerned about as long as it doesn't persist. Hopefully it will go away. I suspect that I'm also a bit more sensitive right now because I've had some digestive problems the last couple of days. Having someone poke around in that general vicinity probably wasn't the best timing. Oh well.

In other good news, I finally got the insurance company to process 2 of the 3 bills from my D&C last December! It only took about 10 phone calls, faxes, letters, etc. I hate insurance companies. One more bill to go-this one they told me I need to submit an appeal letter. I wrote it, pulled together all the documentation, and put that in the mail today. It felt so productive.

The dreaded lu.pron shots start tomorrow. Oh joy. Can't you tell I'm excited?


Mrs.X said...

Glad things are looking up. And, I hope that things go well with your husband's surgery. My DH had it - for a double hernia no less! - and he was pretty much back to his normal self in a week. Of course, we weren't going through infertility treatment at the time, so I have no advice on that angle.

Best of luck on this cycle, just breathe and take it one day at a time.

InfertileMyrtle said...

You seem to be in much better spirits- I am happy things look like they will be ok.
I hope the surgeon is very reassuring about the surgery, and that DH feels better really fast.

PJ said...

I know it'll all work out with B and his surgery. But I'm with you, I always hate not knowing what's next.

Have a good day! :)

Duck said...

yea! Successful stirrup visit! Always a good thing. Like the song too!

Maria said...

That's great that you can use frozen sperm. That must be a huge relief.

Good luck with the Lupron today! I start on Saturday. Ugh.

Io said...

I'm glad the frozen sperm won't be an issue. Glad your DH might be able to get it done quickly too.
Yay for kicking insurance ass! It feels so good to feel productive.

Ahuva Batya said...

This sounds like a post of really positive things! It sounds like all is falling into place, and I hope your pap is good tomorrow. I think it's exciting you are starting Lu.pron tomorrow! Here you go!

Jen said...

Everything sounds like its going as planned! Yay!

And you have less than a month until retrieval, transfer, etc.! Amazing.

Crossing everything that all your tests go well!

Waiting said...

Insurance is such a racket. I'm glad you got them to somewhat cooperate. I always just give up.

Great news on meeting with the surgeon. I hope he gives you some reassurance.

Alison said...

I'm glad you are feeling a little better about everything. You know I'm having troubles gettin' Husband in for that sample... your hubby is a dream for having to do a couple!!!