Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Should Get an Oscar

Have you ever had a bad massage? It is a waste of time and money. It is worse than no massage at all. I experienced my second bad massage today. By the same massage therapist as the first time. When I made the appointment yesterday, I made sure to ask who was available and it was a different therapist. One that my mom has been to before and liked. I showed up at the spa looking forward to a relaxing massage with the good therapist and was checked in and turned over to the bad therapist.

It all happened so quickly I found myself in the room undressing all the while willing myself to go back to the front desk and complain. But I'm a chicken. I couldn't face the therapist and tell her that she is THAT bad. I didn't want to hurt her feelings. So I suffered through another horrible 55 minutes of sausage fingers probing me like aliens. The whole time beating myself up for not saying something. After the massage, I quickly got dressed and escaped to the lobby where I promptly complained to the receptionist that I was supposed to have the OTHER therapist and that I do not like the one they gave me. At all. She said she didn't have the authority to waive the fee, but she would make sure the owner called me as soon as he was back.

I paid for my horrible massage and even included a $10 tip. I couldn't justify not tipping. It wasn't the bad therapist's fault that the front desk had screwed up and I didn't say anything. I then walked quickly back to the car and burst into tears. And called B, crying the whole time. It is times like this when I know the Lu.pron is affecting me (as if I didn't know before?). I mean, a situation like this would normally get me all riled up and I would be pissed off, but crying? I mean, come on. It wasn't the end of the world. I sound like such a spoiled privileged brat complaining about a horrible massage. Whoa is me, boo hoo.

The thing is, I tend to look at things very drastically and fatalistically when I'm all emotional on hormones (or lack thereof). I kept thinking this was my last chance for a massage because I start stims tomorrow and my ovaries will start swelling and it will be too dangerous or uncomfortable to get a massage. This morning I really wanted to sleep in because I knew that it was my last chance for the next couple of weeks while stimming as I'll need to do my Men.opur shot at 7am sharp every morning. And because I kept thinking about that, I couldn't sleep. Then the massage fiasco just made it feel like nothing was going right. The universe was imploding. Dramatic much? Yep, that's me.

The owner did call me back this afternoon and after a half assed apology and an attempt to get me to settle for a free massage at another time or even today (as if I want to go back to the scene of the crime in the same day), he agreed to refund my money and pay the therapist himself. Am I satisfied? Sort of. I mean, I feel like he fixed the immediate issue, but problem is, now I don't know if I can ever show my face there again. *Sigh*


PJ said...

I have only had one massage and was so nervous about someone touching me (plus, it was a guy) that I was all tense. He said that I was really tense (duh) and probably needed a deep tissue massage next time. That was years ago. I think I'm too uptight to get a massage.

I think I would try a different massage place. Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience. Massage is supposed to be a good thing. Now, if only you could go to the luxury liquor store and drink your worries away. :P


chicklet said...

It's hard complaining hey? You win in that you did the right thing and you paid good money for it, but you lose in going in there again - what if the bad one's around?

I get the extremes - last chance to sleep in, last chance for this. It all becomes very very emotional.

Waiting said...

It's understandable. You were trying to get away to relax, and you got anything but. That's frustrating. Maybe a mani/pedi next time?

Hope tomorrow is better for you.

s.e. said...

I don't even like my husband to give me even a shoulder rub. But I am glad you can have good massage experiences with the right person. Sorry about the sausage fingers! Try not to feel as if your world is imploding but just beginning.

Spicy Sister said...

Oh that sounds horrible! Here I was envying you because you were smart enough to actually schedule a massage the last day before you started stims (really brilliant idea by the way) - and then you get good 'ol sausage fingers....that totally sucks! I completely get how that became so huge - these little things (and not so little things) all feel so heightened and critical right now. I know I feel like I need everything - everything - to go smoothly and perfectly, I can't handle the slightest variation from my expectations. Well, I can handle it - it just sucks. So yeah, I can relate.

I think there must be something about the Lupron that messes with sleep - I was up way late again last night and woke up in the middle of the night again and usually I sleep like a rock! Also, yes, I will be on 10u till retrieval. I guess that's a good thing, right?

Melanie said...

I'm so with you on this one. My last massage (right after I found out about the miscarriage) was so bad I cried. I was more tense after than before. There should be a special ring of hell for sausage fingers, second only to those therapists who loudly inhale and exhale during the massage as a message that you should do the same.

InfertileMyrtle said...

On our honeymoon DH and I received a couples massage as part of our honeymoon suite deal.
It was our fist and last experience! We had asked for two women (DH didnt want a man touching him up, neither did I)- we got there and there was a man and a woman. Anyway, DH took the man (under duress from me) who proceeded to tuck his boxers up under his balls, and touch him in a variety of inappropriate ways... DH is sworn off massages now!

Duck said...

sorry to hear of the sucky massage. The only massage i have ever had in my life was a Maya abdominal Massage, and that was weird, but amazing.
I couldn't do another type of massage. Too freaked out at a stranger oiling me up and sliding their hands all over me.... i'm not weird at all.

Ms. J said...

That sucks, what you went through. As b*tchy as I can be, even I wimp out sometimes and pay for less than stellar service. I am glad you called and complained, and the owner/manager is trying to remedy it a bit. You DESERVE some pampering, especially right now, so please don't let this crap experience stop you from indulging yourself!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. All you can do is just lay there and stew about how bad it is, and your nerves are just on end begging for the masseuse to freakin get it right already!!! URGH! I'm glad you got your money back though and I'm sure you can find a better spa.

Amy said...

Denise ~ I've had the bad's horrible laying there wishing you weren't. ((HUGS))

Jen said...

I'm so sorry you had to pay money for a bad massage... You could have always just come to my house and I would have done it for cheap!

But I am excited that stims are now starting. It's all happening so very soon and quick! Yay!

shinejil said...

Hey, Denise dear, don't be too hard on yourself for "complaining." I always feel really raw when someone's messing with my hormones, and Lupron sounds like the mother of all messes.

There's got to be a better spa for your somewhere, or a masseur who's got the right, non-sausagey chops to make you feel good!

My thoughts are with you as you start the stims.