Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Stim Ultrasound

The good news is, my ovaries are working overtime. Lefty has about 5 follies right around 1.0, plus some smaller ones. Righty, apparently the overachiever, has 10 around the 1.0 mark, a couple that are at 1.2 already.

The bad news is, my lining, the underachiever, is only at 4.5. At this point in my cycle the first go round, my lining was at 7.0. I had a similar number of follicles, that were actually slightly smaller than where I'm at today. Go figure, lower the dose and the follies grow quicker. I'm all backwards.

I'm really anxious to see where my estrogen level is compared to last time. I'm really expecting it to be lower than last time since my lining is so much thinner. I guess it is a fine line for me between building my lining and keeping my estrogen under control. I'm really, really worried about this.

I'll update after I get a call back this afternoon with blood results and instructions for doses for the next two days.


Jen said...

I don't even think I wrote down what my lining was at this point in the game the first time around!

But I hope everything continues to grow and move forward. Let us know!

Spicy Sister said...

Wow. great follicles! My right ovary is my over-achiever too.

These protocols are so confusing aren't they? It is a totally mystery how they correlate with the for instance why they started me off so high? and why this cycle, with less meds, your follies are growing faster?

I can definitely understand your worry about your lining - that is so discouraging! I hope they are able to quickly remedy that for you and get you on track. I am sending you lots of positive thoughts for a thick fluffy lining.

Hugs to you. We are really in this now.

Duck said...

Sorry to hear that your uterus is being so difficult again, but it's still early, and there is time for the uterus to catch, i'm still hopeful for you.

Alison said...

darn uterus! If it's not one thing it's another hey? I'm thinking about you Denise! I'm glad you are feeling better emotionally too!