Friday, April 11, 2008

Preppin for Stims

Just a quick update from this morning's appointment. The ultrasound showed no cysts, a thin lining, and tons of small antral follicles. All good things for a suppression check. The blood work also came back great. Estrogen at 44 (should be less than 50), and progesterone 0.2 (should be less than 1). So we've been given the green light to start stims on Sunday!

Do I sound excited? I am. Except that I'm dreading the daily Men.opur shots. Those suckers sting.


Rhonda said...

Great news!

Spicy Sister said...

great news!!! We start stims today and I am up at 4am - I think I am a bit nervous and excited....I can't sleep!

Anonymous said...

Your numbers sound really good and "a ton" of small follies sounds fantastic. Good luck!!