Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Exciting Friday Night

Months and months ago we noticed a very large structure going up just down the street from our house. Our initial assumption was that it was yet another ginormous church in the land of ginormous churches. We soon discovered that we were wrong, but sort of right. We were about to welcome to the neighborhood the soon to be largest liquor store in the state-a different kind of church, if you will. It seemed that the construction would go on forever. There was no indication of an opening date-no signs posted, nothing on the internet. And today was the big opening day.

Tonight after eating dinner at a nearby restaurant, we wandered around this place wide-eyed and drooling, taking in the sights which include a deli (complete with pastry and cheese counter), fireplace, lounge with piano, wine bar/restaurant, and huge flat screen tv's everywhere you look. What a shame we can't partake due to our IVF cycle. 7,000 varieties of wine, for the love of God! I'm sure I will have dreams of gulping down bottle after bottle of wine in this place in the coming weeks. And if this cycle doesn't work for us, I'm proposing the next ColoBlogger meeting take place there.

Let me just caveat here that I would obviously rather be pregnant than able to drink wine, but still, can't a girl complain just a little bit here.

I forgot to mention in my update earlier this evening that I asked the nurse why I'm staying on 10 units of Lu.pron until retrieval, whereas my first IVF cycle, it dropped to 5 units once I started stims. She said that they started having more people break through (ovulate) while on Lu.pron, which requires a cancelled cycle because the eggs are no longer in the ovaries to retrieve. Apparently they had 3 people in one month break through, which is unheard of. Dr. S decided that he wasn't all that confident that the Lu.pron batches were working as well as they used to and so he decided to change the protocol to 10 units for the duration. The nurse said that a lot of clinics are doing this and that some actually start with 20 units and drop to 10. This is all fine by me as long as it doesn't mean double the appearances of EB.

The nurse also reiterated that Dr. S will not be raising my dose of stims at all unless I'm just not responding at all, which isn't likely. Slow and steady wins the race.

To enjoy my last day before starting stims, I made an appointment for a much needed massage tomorrow. Ahhhhhh.


PJ said...

First, I'm not sure if the Body Exhibit is anything like Body Worlds, because I've never heard of Body Worlds. However, if you go to Flickr and do a search containing the words Body Exhibit, you'll see lots of pics. You aren't supposed to take pictures, but there are tons there!

Your liquor store sounds interesting! Wow! What'd you do last night? Why, I hung out at the liquor store of course. :P

It's cool that you jumped into your IVF cycle so fast. Well, it seems fast to me.

Crossing fingers for lots of good follies!

Rhonda said...

i hope you are enjoying your massage today.

hubby and I will need to check out said liquor store - it sounds lovely.

Duck said...

Love the song choice for today.Oh the giant store o' wine. Sounds nice. Happy stimming today (i'm writing on saturday).

Miss Tori said...

Hi Denise,

I thought I'd pop over and read your blog since you've been kind enough to come over and see mine.

I saw an abbreviation that I haven't seen before: EB. What is that?

Sorry your massage didn't go as you wanted. I'm like you, I have a tendancy not to say something the way I should, especially of my service people (hair cut, nails, etc.). I need to get better at that.

My SIL's sister did my last massage. I asked for a Swedish massage which was great! I asked if she does maternity massages and she does, so I'll have her work me over when it comes time.