Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fluid Movement

Just got back from yet another ultrasound and there is actually less fluid than yesterday. Yay!!! I am relieved, but left wondering why I feel worse than I did yesterday morning. Rhonda's comment on my last post made me think that maybe there is some truth in feeling funky from eating a weird diet. I mean, how often if life are you told to eat as much sodium as possible? It can't be all that good for the digestive tract. The nurse encouraged me to just keep up the fluids and to rest, lay low and watch movies all day. And to call if I notice any changes.

For today's diet, I'm adding chicken bullion cubes. One cube dissolved in one cup of water has a whopping 1,100mg of sodium. That was my breakfast this morning on the way to the clinic. B is going to a basketball game today, so mom and dad are coming over to keep me company and deal with the dogs. Mom is going to make some yummy, salty potato latkes for dinner that we were supposed to have for passover, but had to skip because she had a cold and didn't want to give it to any of us. I'm also adding benefiber to my diet today in hopes that it will keep me more regular. If this stuff works, it will be pretty amazing. It is a tasteless fiber powder that you can dissolve in any liquid or soft food and you don't taste it. At all. The pharmacist assured me it works well.

On the way home from the clinic, it started snowing. That's right, folks. April 26th and it is snowing. Big, fat, furious flakes. I tried to capture it on film, but you can't really tell and I didn't have the patience to play around with the camera settings. So those white things on the table that look like cotton, those are big ole flakes of spring snow.


PJ said...

Ewwww... snow in April (almost May)!

Glad things are lookin' up! Enjoy the movie watchin'.

HeidiM said...

Glad your fluid's doing better. Hoping for a great embryology report tomorrow!!

At least the snow didn't last's sunny in S. Denver now!

Rhonda said...

today's weather was crazy. i had a morning soccer game out west that was canceled due to way too much wind! only in Colorado.

glad to hear of the fluid decrease, that sounds do the latkas!

much luck to you with the benefiber, I have heard positives on that (but nothing first hand).


Amanda said...

sounds like things are progressing nicely. good to hear. not good to hear is snow at the end of april - maybe i don't want to move back! it is in the 80s here. we went to the beach today and took tank. he was swimming in the chesapeake bay! he had a great time.

Duck said...

Less fluid that is so great! Happy salty foods.

Melanie said...

I'm so pleased that this cycle is going so well. I hope those little Olympians are practicing their shot put and long distance running. Can't wait to hear the report. And snow? Simply ridiculous.

s.e. said...

I am sorry you have been so uncomfortable these last few days. What sweet parents to come hang out with you and cook too. You are really doing everything you can and obviously it's starting to work. You deserve to transfer all healthy lucky 13!