Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vote in the Poll to the Right

I'm hoping for 3 cm, but my guess is 0 cm.


PJ said...

Dearest Denise,

How long did your implantation bleeding last? Do me a favor and read my last post and let me know your thoughts!

You're the bestest! Thanks!


Rhonda said...

i voted for 2!

nancy said...

:( I'm hoping it's more than I'm thinking too.

Ms. J said...

I guessed 2.

What do I win for the correct answer?! Naming rights, perhaps?!

PJ said...

Thank you so, so much for your detailed explanation! I feel better now.

I had nothing all day and then at 5:00 I had a spell there, and then nothing again now. I read more about the whole hitting the blood vessels and that makes a lot of sense, with how sporadic it seems to be.

Just crossing my fingers! :)

Thanks again.

I'm really excited that you are delivering on Monday! I bet you can't wait to meet them!