Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hedging My Bets

I just read through my post from yesterday and it struck me that at the end, I found it necessary to hedge my bet and say that "most likely" we will be a family of 4 next week. It was completely unintentional that I worded it that way. It seems I still can't convince my subconscious self that we will have our happy ending. I guess it will hit home on Monday when Apple and Banana are finally in our arms.

In case you were wondering, my cold is worse today and so is the rash. Good times.


Jules said...

I think it's completely normal after everything you've been through.

I am so excited for you guys!!! Even my husband is asking if you're still hanging in there, etc. :)

bb and mtb said...

I'm betting on you.

Sorry the rash and the cold are worse today. The end is in sight! {{hugs}}

Spicy Sister said...

It is so hard to believe in that happy ending, isn't it?

Rebecca said...

There won't be any question about whether they're in your life or not at this time next week! Yes - NEXT WEEK!!! Sorry you're not feeling better, but you will...apparently, birth cures all!

s.e. said...

I am hoping awfulness you are feeling now is the last of the trials and tribulations you will face. May all things go smoothly from here on out.

You are going to be such as amazing mommy! I am so excited for you.

Mo and Will said...

I've been following your blog for awhile - just wanted to finally post. I'm looking forward to your getting Apple and Banana home and into your arms too! Almost here!!!


Rhonda said...

i am only focused on the fact that in a week, the world as you know it, is all new - and in the best way ever! i am so excited.


Jeon-Ellis said...

I've just read your messages about the rash, and have tears myself when you said you cry during at night because of the rash.

I had the PUPPP for the last three months of my last pregnancy. I had to take antihistamine to put myself to sleep every night. But I jumped out of bed once the antihistamine wore out at night because of the itchness. Cried in the middle of many many nights scratching to bleed for the relief that lasted only while scratching. Then one day I decided i couldn't go on another day with it, so we went for induction, and that was Christmas Eve.

In most cases, the rashes promptly disappear after delivery,I've read. Unfornately, it was not the case for me. So, please make sure to have a skin specialist for active treatment even right after the babys' arrival. Don't just wait for the rashes to go away by themselves, just not to suffer any more days.

Here I send you my most sincere wish that the rashes go away straight away after the delivery. And most importantly, smooth arrival of the precious ones.


(this message's left also on your 10th posting by mistake.)

Amy said...

So EXCITED for you! Apple and Banana will be here next week...and you WILL have your happy ending!

Lisa said...

Good Luck Guys!!! I have a package I am sending off to you, I'll wait until the babies are here! Hope all goes well your in our hearts!!
Lisa, Jose, Hannah, Aunt Char,Uncle Tom, and Aunt Mary!!!!

PJ said...

Oh gosh, I hope you feel better!

My husband's cousin and her husband had twins via IVF. We got a photo Christmas card today of them and they are the most beautiful children!

I wish you the same happiness.