Monday, December 22, 2008

How high will they go????

Update from B (the husband not baby "B")

They have upped the pitocin. to 3ml. Nothing else new to update on. Denise is still doing well and is in good spirits.

I will add as a side note, that Denise and I have been to Europe a few times and I don't think we ever took as much luggage on those trips as we did today for our trip to the hospital.

On top of all the luggage we also have a mini Best Buy store here. 2 computers, 2 blackberies, 2 cell phones, digital camera, 2 sets of headphones (1 noise cancelling 1 regular) and digital camcorder.

After checking in and being admitted I went back to the car to get our luggage. I needed a bell-hop. As I walked up to the labor and delivery floor all the "dads to be" just gave me that "man-nod" as if to say, been there done that.

more later


Kristen said...

I am thinking of you all! I can't wait for the long-awaited arrival of Apple and Banana! XOXO

PJ said...

LOL! I see lots of hauling things around in your future! Diaper bags, strollers, babies... :)

Ms. J said...

Did you get a photo of your gear loaded onto the bell-hop thingy? If not, remember to do so when you leave! Maybe put the babies, in their carriers, on top of it, LOL!

How'd you both sleep last night?

Is Denise on a new magazine yet?

bb and mtb said...

Lovin' the updates and still thinking about you!!

Amanda said...

I'm so excited for you all!!!!!! I'm on pins and needles waiting for these little ones to get here!!

As far as the electronis and have me and Mr. W beat, and I didn't think that was possible. Good luck when you leave (and your "luggage" is at least doubled). ;-)

Rhonda said...

OK - LOL. I will pass this post especially along to Jason as he will need to know this info!


s.e. said...

Husband B, you really should have been posted long ago. What a wonderful blogger you have quickly become.

I appreciate the play-by-play updates. And before the game...seriously?

Tell Denise we are all holding her hand from a distance and cheering her on!

Jules said...

LOL You definitely need to get a picture of the luggage and accessories. It will be an awesome picture for their baby books

Melanie said...

Promise us you'll let us know when Denise turns into Linda Blair from the Exorcist, her head rotates 360 degrees and she says in a scary voice "@*&^* you're to blame for all this." You know we'll be on her side when she says it, right?