Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost There!

An update from Denise's Mom-

They are off to the operating room!!!! That is all I know for now. Once Apple and Banana have finally made their trip into the world, one of us will post again with the baby stats. M.


momofonefornow said...


Jules said...

It's 6amEST so I'm hoping the little ones have been born and that it hasn't been a long haul for Denise...and B, too :)

Happily awaiting your exciting news!

Rhonda said...

i had to sneak a peak! I have been having dreams (all good ones) thoughout my sleep so far! Happy thoughts to the parents and grandparents to be!


Charlie and Rita said...

I am the grammy of momofonefornow's little bean. Both momofonefornow and I have been biting our nails all day and watching your blog. We can't wait to hear how everyone is doing. Our prayers are with you all!!!

PJ said...

Just checking in. :)