Friday, December 5, 2008

Itchy and Scratchy

Someone must come up with a better word for what I'm feeling. Itchy just doesn't cut it. I want to jump out of my skin. Got in to see a PA at the dermatologist today and he didn't think I have any of the pregnancy specific rashes. Simple dermatitis. Dry, inflamed skin aggravated by two 30 minute baths and a shower each day for 6 weeks now. He glanced at my hands and my belly for all of two seconds, announced his conclusion and sent me on my way with a script for some fancy lotion and instructions to use cet.aphil cream. He said it could be gone in a week and if so, continue with the script for another week so it doesn't recur.

Tonight has been the worst night yet. Not sure why, but I just don't feel all that confident that this is going to work.


Rebecca said...

Oh...that sucks! Have you tried the ice packs? I guess that I thought that if I froze the shit out of my skin, no blood would go there and I wouldn't itch anymore. It worked fine until the itching flared up somewhere else! I feel for ya...I really do!

Jules said...

Oh Denise - I am so sorry that you're this uncomfortable. Wish I had some advice for ya. :(

Rhonda said...

greetings from South Dakota. stopped in to surprise my brother in law for his promotion party.

sorry to hear about the continued discomfort! i hope things go well with the new prescription!