Saturday, December 13, 2008

No News

Just revisiting an old friend today.


nancy said...

You are the only one of my regularly read blogs that has music automatically turned on. Doesn't bother me much, as I have speakers turned off 99% of the time, but why is it that when I go to listen to something on your blog (ie: the dana carvey thing), I still have no idea why the sound isn't right and then it hits me, ah-ha - music. I'm not that bright lately.

I saw dana carvey in 'concert' once. Like a dork, hung out afterwards for a chance to meet him and I did. He actually spent a few minutes talking with us. (oh the horror, talking to 19 yr old blonde college girls. How horrible for him, eh?)

I was thinking about you today. How you feeling. ANY changes at all?

PJ said...

That was too funny!

You've probably seen it before but what you REALLY need to watch on Youtube now is Bill Cosby's Natural Child Birth Part 1 and Part II. Sooooo hysterical!!!

I just watched it and my dogs both completely cocked their heads at the breathing bit, and my husband had to come and close the door because I was laughing so loud!

Rhonda said...

for both Nancy and D - I do that too with the volume. ...sometimes, I bring Jason (hubby) over and explain that I think the computer is broken or something and then he has to remind me about the volume!

thinking lots 'bout those kiddos.