Monday, December 22, 2008

The Only New Thing is That Nothing is New

Update post from B (husband):

The only problem is, is that there is not much news to update everyone on. They have upped the pitocin. to 10ml but other than that things are still moving along slowly.

The good news is is that Denise is still doing well. She is relatively comfortable after the epidyrl and still seems to be in good spirits. The nurses keep telling us they need to see accelerations in baby "B" before they will increase the pitocin. more and the doctor tells us that the babies are fine. Unfortunately the nurses have their "protocol" before they can increase the pitocin. The doctor did say she will override the nurses "protocol" at some point and just start to move forward with increasing the pitocin.

It's all just a little frustrating. The good thing is that mom and babies are doing well. They babies just don't seem to want to come out into this world right now. Maybe it is because the Bears are losing to the Packers at halftime.

Again, we will try to keep everyone updated as to what is going on.


Rhonda said...

with the bears scoring in the 3rd and making it a bit more of a game, does that change the status of our momma to be?

thx for the update!

Sharon said...

thanks for the continual updates. keep them coming, no news is okay. hope everything goes smoothly and as pain free as possible for all