Monday, December 22, 2008

Sideways but Okay

Another update from B -

Doctor came in for a quick check. Baby B is now sideways but natural birth is still viable. We will just have to play it by ear. They upped her pitocin. to 2 ml (she was on 1 ml). They did a quick ultrasound to check to see positioning but that was about it.

The doctor did promise to try and have the babies delivered before the Bears/Packers monday night football game. Before I get a thousand "negative" responses on this, I did NOT bring this up the doctor did. Her family are huge Bears fans and we found out we have this in common.

Denise is in good spirits and has not started yelling obscene phrases at me yet.

More to come later -



Ms. J said...

Listen, if our team were up for the Monday Night game, trust me, I would've asked, too. NOBODY better bash you on this one!

LOVIN' these updates!!!!

Jen said...

If she does yell obscene phrases, I'd love to hear what they are!

And thanks for the updates. It's really interesting to hear what is happening just down the road!

Jules said...

Your updates are making me laugh..especially the part about the negative remarks!

Doctor's have lives, too and they don't want to miss out on their favourite stuff, too! lol

Maybe "Bears" and "Packers" could be middle names! LOL KIDDING!!!

Rhonda said...

I believe that Denise updated us that the Doc was a huge bears fan, so no fingers/negative comments from this poster!

I am hoping for babies before COB today in hopes for a visit!

Sounds like things are progressing well!

PS - B - will you be starting your own blog soon? You will have so much practice after today!

Katie said...

Love the updates! It might be better if the babies come after the game--it's not like you'll be able to watch once they're here!