Monday, December 22, 2008

Dial 4 for the Operator

They did a quick check and Denise is now dilated 4cm. Still 80% effaced (spelling???) They upped her pitocin. to 7. Denise's parents are now here and we are all just relaxing (except for Denise) and talking.

Denise has been eating jello, Sprite, juice, basically anything with sugar the get those babies moving.

The doctor is supposed to be back in around 6:00 pm (MST) to check on us so hopefully she will have a plan of attack to speed things up.

Not much else to update at this point.


Jules said...

Maybe the babies like Dec 23 better for a birth date???

I'm sorry to hear that this is going so slow. I was in labour for 12 hours with Rachel before things got REALLY interesting. It was the next 4 hours that were intense and I didn't feel like talking (VERY unusual for me but my husband LOVED it! lol) and then before I knew it, 4 pushes later I was holding Rachel.

This really is the calm before the storm :)

nancy said...

this is way more fun than texting her in the midst of her contractions! :)

Anonymous said...

Just read your update for today. Hope your babies start get going so you will still have energy to push! Looking forward to hearing the good news tomorrow!

s.e. said...

B, tell Denise she should be proud.

(But can you also tell the doctor to speed this up, dammit?)

Ms. J said...

Do the grandparents know you are live blogging? If so, perhaps record their thoughts for the full diary effect? Even if they don't know you are blogging, perhaps record their thoughts on the sly.

Can we get any photos of B blogging, with Denise, cords and all, directing his efforts?!

BTW, I am planning on watching The Duggar Family Special on TLC tonight as they show their 18th kid being welcomed into the world. Her 3rd c-section. She has had two sets of twins. Damn.

How far dilated did Denise think she would be when she checked in this morning? How's the jello - flavor, please?!

Love these updates! Hope I don't seem like an idiot with my inquiries - but this as close as I am ever gonna get to a L&D experience, in all liklihood!

Amanda said...

Thanks for all the updates B. I am keeping up with the labor and delivery from my blackberry on my roadtrip from LA to Iowa...I love technology. I have been reading the updates out loud to my sis and we have been laughing out loud. You are doing a great job. Tell Denise hello!

Rhonda said...

Wow! I do just a bit of work today and I miss 2 updates!! Sounds like all is moving along, albeit a bit slower than expected. When my sis went in, she was waiting and waiting and waiting ...get the drift and then, all the sudden, baby Roman decided it was time and the real labor of it was only 20 minutes! obviously, only 1 kid makes a difference, but with the monitors, doctors, and pending MNF game, these kids will be on their way soon! thx B for the fun updates - you realize that you are really setting yourself up for being a new blogger - it is just something you are a natural at!


luna said...

you guys are awesome with the live blogging. I love it! you have so many good wishes floating out in the ether to you!