Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Money for Nothing (and no chicks)

As I expected, my lining didn't grow much. They didn't give me a number, but I think I saw a 3 something on the screen. Pathetic. I do have one follicle that has grown since last week and appears to be on its way to a dominant follicle. It must not be too big yet as they didn't tell me the measurement for that either. Blood flow was normal again (2.0 and 2.2), so I'm definitely a convert on not worrying about my chocolate intake.

One of two things will happen now. Either the doc will want to add something (estrogen or vi.agra?) to try to get my lining to thicken up, or he'll want to cancel this cycle and start over. I think part of that depends on where my estrogen level comes back at today. If it has gone up since last week, the nurse's guess was that we would try adding some estrogen (or something) to help the lining. If it hasn't gone up, her guess was that we would start over.

I don't know what starting over means at this point. I have a feeling the recommendation would be to go back to a medicated FET with all the bells and whistles because apparently my lining does even worse on its own. It's just so frustrating. I have a sneaking suspicion that all the drugs (fertility related) I've taken over the past year and a half have really done a number on my body because I know my natural lining measurements (when getting all my tests done and during my first unmedicated IUI) were just fine. Stupid drugs.

To make matters more fun, all of my tests expire this month which means if we don't transfer this cycle, we have to redo all the initial blood work (for the third time) before starting again. This means shelling out even more money for nothing assuming all test results come back normal, just as they did the first 2 times. It all seems like such a waste.

Our next meeting with Sage is tomorrow. Good timing, especially if we get bad news this afternoon.


Jen said...

Uggh. Arrgh.

All our tests expire this month too. Or, at least, the expensive ones...

We seriously need to start our own fertility clinic. We'd be rich. Who cares if don't have the medical degrees...

But I am amazed at your blood flow. Maybe I won't give up chocolate again.

I really hope though they let you move forward. I'm crossing my fingers for good news.

Maryanne said...

That is so dumb about the test especially when you are having freaking so many every month - can they not use those - give me a break!!! The not giving up chocolate thing makes me wonder if I could stay on my allergy meds and caffeine and still have no effect! BTW - I vote for "freezer buns to sticky buns" when it works!!! Good and I hope they can make this cycle work for you!!!

PJ said...

I tried the no chocolate, and then decided that was insane! I gave up soda and coffee, no problem, but tea is another story. I need sweet tea, and chai, and black tea! I'm thinking my husband needs to give up that stuff, since technically he has the issue. (I know, that's awful!)

Yes, absolutely, spread the word about my blog. If I get readers, I will probably be good about keeping it up! http://infertilityonthebrain.blogspot.com/

I hope this cycle isn't cancelled. I know thats got to be frustrating.

chicklet said...

Hang in there, thinking good thoughts for you.

Duck said...

Hmmm maybe i should keep up with the chocolate. After my uber healthy 6 months preparing for my ivf and then anorexic lining i have been eating some chocolate while waiting to start this whole ivf thing.

Hoping that your uterus becomes co-operative.