Thursday, February 28, 2008

Absolutely Devoid of Creativity to Think of a Title

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I don't feel like quite so much of a freak knowing that the tears during therapy are probably normal and good.

I don't have much optimism for our appointment tomorrow, but I guess you never know. I thought about posting a poll to have people guess lining thickness, but I just found the idea too depressing.

Today's tune is a throwback to my ska-loving high school / college days. If you want to visit yesterday's tune, you can click on the right arrow, just like a real ipod, to skip to the next song.


Lori said...

Girl, if you ain't crying in therapy, you ain't getting your money's worth!

I enjoyed both the songs.

Thinking of you tomorrow.

beautycourage said...

Love the song! Brings back memories.

I have the same crying problem with visualization exercises... there are too many layers of pain there, I think. I do much better with the simple breathing or body scan ones. I agree, crying can be a good thing, but you don't need to cry every time you are trying to relax, you know?

Good luck tomorrow!!!!!

Io said...

Good luck today!

Rhonda said...

Although not in therapy, I have tried some meditation - to help relax and step away from work, etc. (which you know for me is difficult). I find myself tearing up doing it...

thinking of you!

and...tonight when I get home, I will try to listen to the songs...i am not very technology savvy, so this will be cool!