Wednesday, February 6, 2008

4 Days to Beta-Life at a Snail's Pace

Time is absolutely crawling. Longest week. Ever.

For some reason, I felt much more busy and productive at home on bed rest than I do at work this week. While on bed rest one hour just melted into the next and there was no schedule other than morning shots and evening suppositories. At work, everything is scheduled. The clock rules everything and it just ticks by every so slowly.

It's not that things aren't busy at work. They are. In fact I should probably be working longer hours than I am and I should probably have more of a sense of urgency around certain projects right now. But I don't. I just don't care right now.

I feel like life is moving in slow motion and that it just stops at Sunday. Sunday is either a dead end or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There is nothing beyond Sunday. I can't think past Sunday. Work moves on without me. Meetings for next week get added to my calendar, deadlines approach, people discuss next week, next month, this summer, etc. But none of it exists for me right now.

This is not the best way to live your professional life. I don't think my work product is suffering for it, but I certainly am not getting through things as fast as I normally would. While it obviously bothers me enough to write about it here, it isn't bothering me nearly as much as I would have expected. I guess there's only room in my head for one obsession and nothing else.

In case you are all wondering, I have pretty much decided not to POAS. At all. I'm just to scared to do it. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind. And I reserve the right to test at home and (shhh) not tell anyone (including all of you in blogland). Heh.


Lori said...

You should treat yourself to a spa day this weekend.

Or some other treat.

I wouldn't blame you if you POAS.

Jennifer said...

Definitely stay busy - those last few days before my beta were difficult...I even had trouble sleeping, ugh! Good luck!!!

Makingpeace said...

I POAS the morning I was to go in for my beta. I wanted to be prepared for whatever the result might be. Just a thought! :)

Meg said...

Someone out here in blogland once wrote about how in the 2ww, the first week kind of sails by and the second week is excruciatingly long. You are so close. Treat yourself this weekend or buy a new book and start it. Hang in close!

Laura said...

I agree with Lori - treat yourself during this wait! I hope it starts to go by more quickly for you.

Good luck!

Kidlicious said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog and I'm glad to become a part of the ColoBloggers. It's nice to connect with people that have similar experiences.

I hate to say it, but now that I do have kids, I have the same feelings at work. I'm still working full time, but I would so much rather be at home with them...

Do treat yourself, the 2ww is horrible, but you're so close. Take care.

Duck said...

wow, your almost there. Sunday is so close.
Don't worry about being a professional drop out, I quit working in June (not that we can really afford it), went back to school to learn french full time, and just dropped out of that too! So I'm a life drop out. It's temporary. Take care.
PS - I read that Meg suggested a book - i just finished A thousand Splendid Suns, and I couldn't put the book down.