Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let's Go

Back to work tomorrow after a lovely weekend. We relaxed, shopped, went out to dinner and drove home to laundry and other domestic chores today.

I did receive a call from the nurse Friday afternoon requesting that I return on Tuesday morning for another ultrasound to check progress. It appears I'm going to ovulate late this month. Hopefully that's what all of this means. I really hope it doesn't mean my body's all screwed up and isn't ovulating anymore on its own.

It's a funny thing when you are quite regular on your own and they can't find anything wrong with you. Then they put you on all of these drugs for IUI's, IVF's and FET's and all of the sudden you have no idea what your body will do on its own anymore. It appears confused. I just hope my natural cycle kicks in here. Come on ovaries...and endometrial lining...let's go.


Rebecca said...

Good luck with this one...gotta love it when your body decides to play tricks on you when you need it least! Hopefully it all comes out right!

Optimistic said...

I'm hoping this is the one for you! Good luck and wishing you the best at the u/s Tuesday..

Isn't it great to have a relaxing weekend!

PJ said...

Good luck with you!

I'm so glad you said something about not giving up chocolate. I feel the same way. I can do the no tea (reluctantly), no soda, but no chocolate is aburd! This is the time when you NEED chocolate to reduce the stress of going through this!

Great blog!!!

This is me

Lori said...

I hope you find that everything is in synch and ready to go!

nancy said...

My body, left at it's own devices, had ~no~ idea what to do either. I had to go look back at my charts, but after so many drugs and surgeries, we had a non-medicated triggered cycle. I just had to wait to get ready to ovulate to inject myself with even more drugs. I didn't get the go-ahead until cd18. Crazy in my book!

But then again, the next IUI I had (after another bajillion surgeries, well, okay, two more) I had a medicated cycle and didn't ovulate until freaking cd21!

Blah on going to work tomorrow. I don't know how I"m even going to get out of bed!

shinejil said...

I completely understand the anxiety that all the drug madness has thrown a monkey wrench in the system.

I hope you get good news Tuesday and that this cycle goes perfectly!

Maria said...

Come on ovaries and lining!

My body is deeply confused as well.

Duck said...

Wow well maybe late ovulation is good, it may give the uterus time to be a cool kid and grow and get nice and fat. I hope your lining cooperates this time :)

Jen said...

I really hope this is it and natural is the way to go!

Maryanne said...

I am hpoing this is it for both of us!!!! I am also having similar issues with the clinic - ever since they moved I don't feel as at home or that they are as organized!!