Friday, February 1, 2008

9 Days To Beta

Three days into the 2ww (which is actually 12 days for us instead of 14) and all I can focus on is shifting from side to side to ease off my tender tush every once in awhile. For some reason, each PIO shot has gotten progressively worse. We've been warming the oil, warming the syringe while the oil is in it, heating my tush before and after and the tissue still seems to be hardening more each day. I'm not getting actual lumps, which makes me think the oil is dissipating, but for some reason I can feel the oil being injected more acutely each day. I try really hard not to make any noises while B is injecting because I don't want to make him feel bad, but sometimes it is hard. This morning he pulled the needle out slightly crooked and I let out a not so quiet little "ooof!" He said "sorry, we got a bleeder." Yeah, I felt that one coming.

Someone tell me that this gets easier over time and to stop being a baby. Or something.

I saw with my mom yesterday. She tried to talk me out of it given the topic, but since I was prepared for the pregnancy-related theme, I was fine with it. I didn't want to miss out on the one movie lately that looked really good. And it was really good. Funny, quirky, touching with really good casting. It may have been a different experience for me if our cycle had been cancelled, if I had just gotten a BFN or if I was just in a different place. But I'm in a place of hope right now and so I could empathize with the character on the screen without connecting it to my situation at all. I'm such a grown up.

Since we were at the theater at 2pm on a Thursday, the other patrons were mostly old ladies. Sorry, senior citizens. As we were leaving the theater the common theme I heard from these women was "boy, things sure are different these days," and "I guess anything is acceptable nowadays," and "that wasn't acceptable in our day." I don't necessarily think the situation portrayed in the movie is commonplace (the parents' reaction to their teen's pregnancy and how they quickly accept the situation, the "easy" adoption, etc.). However, I think it's great we are living in a time where the topic in general is acceptable to portray in a movie in a humorous, but touching manner. I would be very curious to hear/read the reaction of our fellow adoption bloggers.


Maria said...

No fair. Your beta's before mine. I swear my clinic is just deranged and trying to make me wait and unnecessarily long amount of time.

Sorry about the PIO shots hurting more. Could it be the spot. I moved my spot just a little lower and it hurts less now.

I really want to see Juno, but I don't think I could handle it now. You are very grown-up.

Maria said...

Don't worry, some people never feel cramping but really are pregnant! I'm just hoping it's a good sign for me.

I know, my clinic sucks. They scheduled my beta for 18 day after my retrieval. That doesn't make sense. So I'm definitely going to POAS.

Lori said...

Oh, man. You called me out.

So far I've been able to not give my take on Juno. It's as if, in the blogosphere, your opinion on the movie indicates your opinion on adoption. You're either For or Against, and by declaring you've alienated/ticked off the Other Side.

I enjoyed the movie -- it had clever dialog and was just fun. I can imagine that it would be painful to watch, however, it one were a firstmom or an adoptee, since the story was made not to inform/educate but to entertain.

Let me also say that I think you're very brave. The prospect of the PIO shots was one very big factor that turned us toward adoption.

You can say that IF literally is a pain in the a$$.

InfertileMyrtle said...

I agree with the differences in mens and womens thinking btw. Its crazy.
I am sorry to hear your shots are hurting so muhc.. I think that I am going to be the worlds biggest baby when it comes to getting shots.
I made a fuss over taking prometrium which im sure compared to shots is a walk in the park!
Cant believe u were so brave as to see Juno- i havent been that strong yet.

Jennifer said...

Only 9 days...but I'm sure it seems like forever away! I'll be praying for some great news. I haven't seen Juno yet - but I'd like to.

Optimistic said...

9 more days! yeah... easy for me to say, right?!? Well I hope it goes by fast for you! and I know what you mean about the shots.. my butt KILLS now. At first I thought they were a piece of cake.. now I even bleed.

Optimistic said...

PS - thanks for that last comment... I like looking at the low level better your way rather than worrying (my way)!

Duck said...

yuck - not lucking forward to the pio....
I'm not adult enough to watch juno - can't take it yet, but when i get knocked up, i'm going to watch it - right now i'd cry and cry (then again i'm crying at coronation street right now i have issues...).

Io said...

I loved the movie Juno. It made me both laugh and cry, but it's like a fairy tale - I was able to pretend for a while that the girl gets the guy (or baby) and rides off into the sunset for a while.
How interesting that you saw Juno with a bunch of old ladies. I saw it with rotten teenagers.

Kristina said...

I'm wishing you the best of luck

Amanda said...

i loved the movie. one of my favs for sure. it was sooo clever and witty and funny.

~Carrie said...

You're braver than me - I don't think I could watch any pregnancy related movie at the moment. Yeah, I'm a big baby.

I noticed the PIO shots are worse than when I first started. The first few didn't hurt at all - now I flinch each time, even though I try not to, and DH feels like he did something wrong.

Waiting for beta day is so frustrating. Are they doing yours on the weekend?