Friday, February 8, 2008

2 Days to Beta-Nada (Updated)

Not much to say from here lately. The long wait continues. My right posterior hurts worse from the PIO shot this morning than usual. Not sure why. It was difficult to sit in my office chair all day today and walking was difficult too. These damn shots better be worth it.

I think it's weird that almost 50 people have voted in my poll and the yes's are now winning. I doubt 50 people even read this blog, so I have a sneaking suspicion some of you are voting over and over again. No fair. Regardless, I have no plans to POAS. I figure if I can avoid the grocery store and drug store until Sunday I can avoid temptation, or at least delay defeat.


Since Rhonda asked. The peace lily is doing fine. The one flower did splendid for awhile and I snipped it off at its peak so that it wouldn't shrivel away to nothing. The plant is now back to normal, but holds a quiet new magic for me. I will now always think that there may be another glorious flower just waiting to pop up out of nowhere after a couple of years when I least expect it.


Rhonda said...

i am a guilty one of having 2 votes...and mine cancel eachother. i am thinking about you more than ever; i hope sunday goes well.

Rhonda said...

one other question - how is the peace lily?

Lori said...

Just thinking of you, Denise.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I voted no. Good for you for waiting it out. I hope I can be so strong!

Jennifer said...

I'm so bummed you're not gonna POAS - I'm such an addict :)

Only 4 more days - it's so close now!!! Enjoy your weekend!

~Carrie said...

The last few days before beta can be maddening! Do you prefer to not be at work the day before your beta? If I had a Sun. beta, I probably would have tried to just sleep all day Sat. to make time go faster :)

I am really hoping you receive great news tomorrow.

Voting - I guess people could vote more than once if they used different computers. Once you vote, it only allows you to change your vote, not vote again, but of course that is only if you are using the same computer.

nancy said...

Since I voted while logged into blogger, I can only vote once. When I look at the poll, my only option is "change your vote". So only one for me. (which is an outstanding YES by the way). I'm just someone who can't let hope build up over the days, just in case it fails. Ugh.

Good luck though. Tomorrow!!

chicklet said...

This really is the longest wait ever. I thought for sure I was coming back to see results by now... Hang in there.

Vanessa said...

Omgosh, Im dying to know the results! LOL.. I really hope its positive.

Best of luck, and keep us posted ;)


Angela said...

You are really strong to have waited this far Denise, and you should congratulate yourself. I'd like to add a caveat on to my vote - a vote which I only cast once : ) And that is, although I voted not to POAS, I would recommend doing it the morning of your beta - that way you can be prepared when the nurse calls for what I KNOW will be positive news. That was my plan, but I did not stick to it unfortunately.

I hope you are taking care of yourself and hanging in there. I keep sending good vibes your way, and of course, am wishing like crazy that tomorrow all of your dreams come true.