Saturday, February 2, 2008


Because of Mel's comment on my last post, I found myself running to the pantry to double check the ingredients of a Peanut Butter Cookie bar. (I tried to just link this to my previous post, but can't get the "insert link" function to work at the moment).

Here they are:

Lun.aPro (which is trademarked and consists of: Soy rice crisp [Soy protein isolate, organic rice flour], organic toasted oats, organic roasted soybeans, organic soy flour, organic flaxmeal), organic brown rice syrup, organic coating (organic evaporated cane juice, organic palm kernel oil, organic soy flour, organic soy lecithin, organic vanilla), organic peanut butter, inulin (chicory extract), vegetable glycerin, natural flavors, organic roasted peanuts, peanut flour, sea salt.

Nothing even remotely resembling chocolate. I had no idea these things were so filled with organic ingredients. After reading this list, I can't believe I like these things!


Duck said...

hmm sounds very organic and healthy

Lori said...

Are you SURE you checked the ingredients, or did you merely IMAGINE typing all those organic-thingies in?

Io said...

hahahaha! Lori is funny.

Rhonda said...

i think i shall add some luna bars to the grocery list for today! I don't think i have tried the peanut butter one, sounds yummy!