Saturday, February 2, 2008

8 Days To Beta-The Luna Bar Conversation

This last week was a bit of a blur. The progesterone has made me quite tired, so I've been prone to napping off and on. On Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday, B was downstairs with the dogs and I was upstairs in bed. Our main communication was by cell phone. My mom was upstairs with me for most of the time and would go home in the evenings. B even slept downstairs with the dogs to give me space to rest. At one point during this two day period, I asked B to get me some peanut butter cookie luna bars because they are the only ones I like that don't have chocolate. My mom advised we should make sure we check the ingredients to be sure.

On Wednesday after my mom went home, B and I were on the phone and he mentioned that he got the luna bars. He said that my mom was downstairs with him when he got back from the store and asked him if he had checked the ingredients. He said, yes he had, and there was no chocolate. For some reason, my mom wanted to check for herself and asked if she could see the box. B obviously thought this was strange, but obliged anyway and let her look at the ingredients to put her mind at ease. As B was telling me this story, we were laughing at how much of a "mom" my mom can be.

On Thursday morning, I headed over to my parents house because our cleaning service was coming to our house that day (after a month of no visits due to the dogs kennel cough incident). I settled myself onto their couch and opened up a luna bar to eat for breakfast with my banana. My mom walked by and innocently said "did you check the ingredients?" I looked at her incredulously and said "are you seriously asking me that question?!" She was confused by my reaction and so I asked her about the conversation she had with B the night before about checking the ingredients ("didn't you and B just talk about this last night and after he checked the ingredients and told you it was fine, you STILL felt the need to check for yourself?"). She looked at me like I was crazy and said she had absolutely no recollection of that conversation. I couldn't believe my ears. I explained to her that B wouldn't LIE about something like this, so the conversation MUST have occurred and why didn't she remember it? My dad witnessed this strange interaction and I think all three of us thought my mom was losing her mind.

Thursday night when B got home from work I started to tell him the story "my mom doesn't remember the luna bar conversation you had with her and you wouldn't believe that she asked me about the ingredients of the luna bars AGAIN!" He looked at me like I was nuts.

Let me back up for a minute here. Back when I first met B, I sometimes had trouble telling when he was joking about something. He could pretty much convince me that the sky was green and the grass was blue without cracking a smile. I would fall for it, like the gullible person I can sometimes be. As I got to know him better and was able to see through this a bit, he had more trouble keeping a straight face when trying to convince me of something.

After looking at me like I was nuts, he started to laugh a bit and I thought "he's joking! I'm not going crazy. The conversation did happen, my mom doesn't remember it, but B does and he's trying to make me feel crazy! He's messing with my head!" I spent the next 10 minutes trying to get him to fess up before he finally convinced me that the conversation between him and my mom about the luna bar ingredients NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED. It was all in my head. It must have been a dream.

You know how sometimes you remember some incident or conversation that seems real, but you think maybe it was a dream? Well this time, I had absolutely NO CLUE that I had dreamed this conversation with B (about his alleged conversation with my mom). I was convinced it had happened. It wasn't even a question.

This one really threw me for a loop.


Rhonda said...

now I am completely to whether the conversation happened...8 days and counting - i am sending all the positive energy i have your way!

The Town Criers said...

Whoa...that was really trippy to follow that conversation.

So...did YOU check the ingredients? Just in case no one else did?

Melanie said...

That cracked me up. No, no not laughing at your expense, just another great example of how this process gives you headaches, bruises, emotional distress and now, pseudo reality! Otherwise, how are you handling the 2WW?

Lupron hasn't really affected me, but I'm only taking 10 units. I've heard the horror stories,though. I'm embarressed to admit this, but I don't know if they've measured blood flow to my uterus. What's the test like? I need to google up on that. And I'm doing the regular acupuncture. Did you feel the electro was effective (or does it remain to be seen :-))

Io said...

I'm sorry but I totally just cracked up! Your poor mother, having you all think she's crazy!

Lori said...

I always have to check the ingredients to my chocolate bars to make sure there are no nuts in them.

What did your mom say when you told her about the phantom conversation?