Sunday, February 3, 2008

7 Days To Beta-The Lone Embryo

We have not yet received a call from the lab to let us know whether the 3rd embryo made it back to freeze. I'm expecting a call today and I will call them if I haven't heard from them by tomorrow. I know we have 14 others still on ice, so I won't be devastated if this one embryo doesn't make it to freeze. However, I feel like it might give me some clue as to what is (or isn't) happening inside my uterus right now.

Here's my thinking. If this lone embryo developed into a blast and was growing enough to make it to freeze, that means the two they transferred should be doing the same inside me. Assuming my lining was sufficient (eh, not sure about that one), they should be burrowing in nicely by now. I know that each embryo is different, but these were from the same fresh cycle, went through the same freeze process at the same time, and went through the same thaw process at the same time as the lone embryo. Might be flawed logic on my part, but that's what I'm thinking.

If however, the embryo didn't make it to blast, I will stick with the theory that they transferred the best 2 out of the 3 and that what happened with the lone embryo has no bearing on what the other 2 are doing inside me. See, nothing but positivity oozing out of my pores today. Or maybe that's the oil from the PIO shots.

I initially thought it was a good sign that the lab hasn't called yet because if the lone embryo had already arrested (stopped growing), they would have called to let me know it didn't make it to freeze. However, I think it is more likely that they would wait to even check on it until the day they would refreeze it (today?). So if it had arrested, they wouldn't even know until they went to freeze it.

This is driving me crazy.


Duck said...

Yes, not knowing, wondering can be hell. You should call.

~Carrie said...

This is my take on your lone embryo: If for some reason your lone embie doesn't make it to the blast stage to freeze (and I hope he/she does), it doesn't mean anything with regards to the embies in you right now. Embryos, especially blasts, don't do as well in a petri dish - ones that die out in the petri dish could very well thrive in you! It's much harder/trickier to keep embryos going past day 3 outside the body, which is why some places don't do 5day transfers yet.

If your lone embie does make it to freeze, that just means you had an extra strong embie! That could be a good sign because if your embryos can survive thawing, and then still grow into a blast in a petri dish - wow!

Did you break out 'Clerks' yet? Hint: Dante is the one who says it.
And to answer your ques: My beta is Feb 8.

Optimistic said...

I think we are our own worst enemy during this time, we think so much and wonder and have the "what ifs" going through our minds non-stop.

Makingpeace said...

I love your positivity! :) Keep it up, girl!

Meg said...

Thanks for your birthday wishes!

Hopefully going back to work will be a good distraction this week. The 2ww is almost over!

Maria said...

YAY only 6 days till your beta!!! Sorry about the not knowing, I hating waiting and worrying. I hope they call you today.

Io said...

Argh. I tried to leave a comment and lost it.
Don't drive yourself crazy - like Carrie said, your body is a much happier place for embryos to grow and thrive. So even if the one doesn't make it back to freeze, it's not an indication of anythign wrong with those kiddos growing in you!
What are you going to do to keep yourself occupied and not going crazy?

Anonymous said...

It's all a lovely theory, but unfortunately the powers that be won't be able to grant you any reprieve until beta day. I know this doesn't make you feel any better, but there are just some things that the 'chances are' effect doesn't work for. Hang on sweets.

The Town Criers said...

Any word yet? I like the new, shiny, oil-rich, happy, positive thoughts.