Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wired Part Deux

2nd round of shock therapy was today. It was pretty similar to yesterday, except I didn't feel quite as much of a "weight" on my back. She let me go an extra 10 minutes today for good measure since this is the last appointment before my next doppler U/S on Saturday. Having really mixed emotions about that appointment. I want it to be over and done with, but I really don't want bad news. I will not be a pleasant person to be around if we get postponed or cancelled this cycle (not that I'm all that pleasant to be around right now anyway).

I think what's adding to my anxiety about Saturday is that we have a wedding to go to (1pm ceremony/7pm reception) and I may have a very hard time being social and happy around other people if this appointment doesn't go well. Why can't I just crawl into a hole in the ground and not come out until I have a baby in my arms?

*Edited to add* Oh, I forgot, she also sat down with me afterwards to talk about other "things" we can do to help the blood flow. The other things included avoiding caffeine (done), drinking lots of water (done), walk around, move around or get some exercise (I'm trying) and avoid sitting with my legs crossed (huh?) or being hunched over. I immediately uncrossed my legs and sat up straighter. She thinks that sitting hunched over or with your legs crossed cuts off blood supply. I guess it makes sense, I just never thought twice about sitting with my legs crossed (which I pretty much do ALL day long at work every day). Oops.*

On a more positive note, Jen got some amazing news today! Yay Jen!!!


Rhonda said...

Happy thoughts! I know a lot of people that feel strongly about chinese medicine (or is the correct term eastern medicine) - at any rate, the use of it will be growing here in the states - that I think is good.

I missed being out of the loop yesterday, but got on as soon as I made it home. XOXO to you for Saturday!

M said...

Im sending good thoughts constantly. Saturday should bring good results-- you deserve a good lining! Love M

Maria said...

I'm keeping my fingers triple crossed for you!! Come on lining Grow!!!!

I'll have to work on the no crossing and hunching thing.

Jennifer said...

Great! I'm glad those electro sessions are going well for you. I hope Saturday brings you great news about your dear lining!

My acupuncturist said to focus on breathing with your stomach - deep breathing (5 seconds in and 5 seconds out) - making sure your stomach goes in/out a lot. This will help the blood flow as well in the area!

BTW, I totally uncrossed my legs and sat up straight when I read your post :) LOL

Jen said...

Thanks for the shout out...

And I am thinking lots of thick thoughts for you. Good luck tomorrow. If I'm really anxious for the second beta I'll be there early!

But now I have to uncross my legs and sit straight.