Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shock Therapy

I spoke with a nurse tonight and they do want me starting Es.trace tonight in addition to trying to get in for 1 or 2 electro-acupuncture appointments before Saturday (to be continued until and through transfer). I'll then go back in early Saturday morning for another doppler (hope the forecast on Saturday looks better than it did today). If the lining looks better on Saturday, we will stay with our original schedule. If not, they may want to keep me on the es.trace for another couple of days and push the transfer back. Sounds eerily similar to my last canceled FET where they kept "postponing" me until the bad cells showed up and I was officially cancelled. I really hope that those bad cells were there all along and that is what kept the es.trace from thickening my lining. I do have a proven history of es.trace helping from my prior medicated IUI cycles.

I also asked the nurse about red raspberry leaf tea (thanks Maria!) and she said it can't hurt as long as it doesn't have any additives in it. I'm guessing that it is the actual leaves and, therefore, wouldn't have anything added, but what do I know. So I'll be looking online to see where I can pick up some of this stuff tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I'll try to find an acupuncturist who does electro-acupuncture and try to make two appointments (for Thursday and Friday if I can get in). From what I understand, electro-acupuncture is just like regular acupuncture except they send an electric current pulsing into the needles. Sounds a little scary to me, but I guess I'll find out. Apparently studies have shown that electro-acupuncture can increase blood flow to the uterus.

On the blood flow issue, a friend of mine who just graduated from nursing school (yay, T!) and is studying for her boards did a little research and came up with the following:

"Pulsatility index is a calculation of arterial blood flow to the uterus, from what I gather it is a reflection of arterial blood pressure. (It is also calculated for other arteries like your renal artery in determining the success of a kidney transplant for example) The reason it is important is because it determines vascular resistance or in other words, it determines how well your uterus (or other organ) is being perfussed with blood. The reason it is not a straight up pressure and it is expressed in numbers like 1, 2, and 3 is because it is a calculation using blood pressure, which I can not find at the moment. Below 3 = less resistance = more perfussion, above 3= more resistance (because your artery is constricted caused by whatever causes high blood pressure, like caffeine) = less perfussion = less chance of implantation = infertility. This is what I've gathered through my research and relating it to what I know."

Please note that the above should not be construed as professional medical advice, but it helped me to better understand what the doppler measures.

Here are some interesting studies that my friend also pulled for me. I haven't read them yet, but they all look very interesting:

See first study here.

See second study here.

See third study here.


nancy said...

I've taken estrace and it's helped me too. I think I already said this but I'm always in the "thin" category in regards to my lining (not my love handles!)

The month, I got up to a lining of 8. The changes were taking the red raspberry religiously AND taking 400mcgs of Vitamin E. RE said it was for the lining issue. And whattya know, I got up there for the first time ever. Without estrace too.

I'll be rooting for you!

Meg said...

I think Whole Foods has pure Raspberry leaves. Word on the street is that it tastes wretched.

You have quite a support system of researchers...I am quite jealous.

I am thinking good thoughts for you and crossing everything I have for a great appt Saturday.

Hang in there. Think ahead...not back.

nancy said...

what about ...

(this is from the commercial they play in the springs, so they play up the fact they aren't far in denver)

The Shane Company.
Located far south of Denver and easy to find.
Just off of Arapahoe Rd on Emporia Street, just one half mile East of I-25.
Open Weekdays 'til 8, Saturday and Sunday 'til 5.
Or online at Shanco.com

Rhonda said...

I am going to be off for a few days, but I am thinking of you! On the Rasberry tea - it cannot hurt and even if it is wretched...it is a good cause. I hope to be back up this weekend and I wish you bug hugs in the interim!

Duck said...

I've had the electo-acupuncture, and it's weird. They hook up the needles (for me it was 2 needles) to what looks like a car battery and then they turn on the electricity, it was a funny itchy kinda experience, it hurt a little.
Good luck with it and the rasperry tea, it's not soo gross :)

Maria said...

YAY, I'm so glad you have some options to help. I buy my red raspberry leaf tea at Whole Foods. The brand I buy is Celebration Herbals, it's caffeine free and all natural. It doesn't taste the best, especially because it's best to let the tea steep for awhile. So it's nice and strong, but I just add a little bit of honey. I've been drinking the tea on and off for a year, and now I've come to like the taste. Weird I know.

Melanie said...

I hope the tea does the trick. How frustrating for you though. The uncertainty of this process is for the birds. Thinking of you.

Jen said...

I am so glad you have a lot more plans of action than last time. I hope the estrace, the acupuncture and the tea does the trick. I am sure it will!

Vanessa said...

WOW! That electroshock acupuncture sounds totally freaky. Let us know how it goes :)