Friday, January 11, 2008

Suppression Depression

So my post earlier this week on AF may have come back to bite me in the ass. The past two cycles I was on Lu.pron (overlapped with BCP), I had VERY light periods. I was told this was normal. For some reason, this week AF has been VERY heavy. Major cramping, heavy flow (TMI, sorry). I convinced myself that the Lu.pron wasn't working and I'm not suppressed. So I called the clinic on Thursday in a panic and nurse Jennifer agreed to let me come in for a blood draw to check estrogen level. She didn't seem to be too concerned, but she also didn't say that having heavy flow on Lu.pron was normal.

She did, however, tell me to check the lot number on the Lu.pron vial because there was one lot that they were suspicious something is wrong with it. She didn't elaborate on the something because it seemed unlikely this was the case. You see I'm using my leftover vial from my fresh cycle in September. The cycle where the bloodwork and U/S PROVED I was suppressed, which helped me to respond fabulously well (too well) to the stim meds. The nurse promised me that Lu.pron is good for a whole year after the vial is opened. I did check the vial, and it is one number off from the possible "bad" lot.

After hanging up the phone with the nurse, I think of a couple of things that start to bother me (this is what usually occurs after hanging up the phone with the nurse). First of all, if they knew that there was a Lu.pron lot that might be bad, shouldn't they make sure to call all of their patients that are currently taking Lu.pron? Also, she never even mentioned what it would mean to my cycle if for some reason I am NOT suppressed like I should be. Does this mean that we would just convert this to more of a natural FET, with just patches and PIO and that I'll need to start checking for a surge? Or would they want to cancel YET ANOTHER CYCLE? Why, oh, why do I think of these things after we hang up the phone? And why do they not think to tell me these things in the first place?

So now I'm waiting for the results of the bloodwork, which I should get this afternoon. Not sure if I should be nervous or worried or if it is no big deal?

As a side note, Mama Wannabe mentioned the new digs at CCRM here. I was pretty impressed with the new building and it looks like they have the entire 2 story building. It is new and fancy with multiple waiting areas, nice chairs, fancy cabinets. The works. As I sat in the fancy new blood draw chair, which was surprisingly uncomfortable, I thought of the new chairs at my dentist's office. They are massage chairs and pretty comfortable. Sitting in the massage chair at the dentist, staring up at the new flat screen tv hanging on the ceiling certainly made for a more pleasant experience. I'm convinced that the chair and the tv are the reasons I had no cavities. Maybe if CCRM had more comfortable blood draw chairs, I would get better results from my blood work?


Jen said...

Now I am anxiously awaiting to hear what is going to happen. And I know with my bleeding on Lupron they haven't been like spotting type of periods. I had blood. Maybe I'm stupid and don't remember right but...

And I thought the exact same thing about the chairs this morning. That I was at the hair stylist, when the chair goes up and down.

I wish you lots of suppression!

Maria said...

I'm so sorry about the Lupron worries. I can't believe they wouldn't tell you that there was a bad batch of Lupron. That seems really unprofessional.

I'm also having a heavy flow while on Lupron. Should I be concerned?

Rebecca said...

My period was like normal after the Lupron, but a little shorter than normal...keep us posted!

Duck said...

Well, So sorry to hear about your lupron worries. I just started suprefact, and they told me that I could have a very heavy period, so it should be the same thing with lupron.
So very not cool for them to not tell you that there was issues with several lupron lot numbers.
Well hoping your supressed, keep us posted.

Meg said...

What the hell.....bad lots should mean lots of phone calls. Although maybe their lack of concern means it is no big deal. Keep us posted!!!

I am very jealous of the CCRM. I myself get to go to the awful Kaiser compound.