Sunday, January 20, 2008

On the Lighter Side

Since I'm starting to bore and annoy myself with all of this IF and IVF stuff (okay, "starting" is an understatement), I thought I'd write about something different today.

Last night we joined some friends at this Denver landmark. Although I'm a recent sushi convert in the last couple of years, I absolutely love it and this restaurant is the best place to get it in Denver. I stuffed myself happy. One of the topics that came up during our dinner conversation was naked sushi, whereby pieces of raw fish are served directly off the body of a naked woman (see more unsubstantiated details here). This topic generated all sorts of great conversation including the desired temperature of the fish being affected by body heat, whether or not you are supposed to talk to the naked girl with the raw fish on her body (for example, "is it cold in here?"), whether the girl is face up or face down (I was told she is face up of course).

I also had many questions in my head and more that have popped up ever since because I can't stop thinking about this phenomenon. For example, what is the interview process for this job? Do you send in pictures of yourself? Do you have to smell nice, or not have a smell at all? Are you allowed to use lotion? Do you have to wax frequently? What is the pay like? Is there a locker to store your clothes? Are there bouncers or bodyguards to come to your rescue if one of the patrons gets too touchy (uses their fingers instead of chopsticks to pick up the fish, or starts poking you with their chopsticks)? What is the age requirement for the job? Is there an age requirement to eat the sushi off of the girl? And the list goes on and on.

Although I have absolutely NO desire to eat sushi off of a naked woman, I can't help being fascinated by the idea. In fact, I have to make sure I never go to a place that does this because I would probably just STARE all night long and that could be considered inappropriate.

On another topic, I went shopping yesterday for an outfit to wear to a wedding next weekend. B got me a Nordstroms gift certificate for Christmas and this was the perfect opportunity to use it. One of the best tips a girl can get from her mother is how to shop efficiently. This girl learned from her mother to use the Nordstroms personal shopping service, which happens to be free of charge (they work on commission, but I've never felt pressured to spend more than I want). You make an appointment ahead of time and tell your personal shopper what you are looking for. You show up at said appointment time and a variety of items are already waiting for you in a large, comfortable dressing room. You proceed to try on outfits while your personal shopper gives you her opinion and you tell her your opinion. She then runs all over the store grabbing different sizes or finding new items for you (including running upstairs to petites or downstairs to shoes!) while you sit in the dressing room, sipping your water.

In about an hour, we found the perfect wedding outfit that not only will be versatile to wear again for different occasions, but somehow manages to make my 5'1" frame look tall! If I had attempted this shopping excursion on my own, it would have taken all day and I'm sure I would have ended up with something inferior. I would post a picture of the outfit, but of course, it is being altered. But I was able to bring the jacket home with me because it required no alterations (major miracle). Here's a picture of the jacket, which I just love (and really the picture doesn't do it justice, it looks so much better on me than on the hanger, if I do say so myself!):


Rhonda said...

okay...only read through the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph...we were there last night too! i cannot believe we did not run into eachother...(but...I don't eat the sushi, they have a great sesame chicken!)...small world!

Rhonda said...

also, a few weekends ago on eihter E! network or the food network discussing the naked sushi concept. the show featured a guy hosting a party and he had 2 (one male and one female) "serving platters". i cannot recall the amount of salary, but the models did enjoy their job. people feed them sushi, stare all night long, and even flirt - no worries!

Rebecca said...

Ooooh! I think the jacket looks nice...I had to click on the pic to get an up close view, but the material looks really pretty. Thanks for the tip on the personal shopping being free...I didn't know that and will use it in the future!

Meg said...

YUM, Sushi Den is one of my favorite places. I absolutely love their sushi, although I would not eat it either if there were naked chicks in my midst ;)

I have never even heard of the shopper for you at Nordstrom but I will use it from now on, that's for sure! I did have my own gal help me find bras which was awesome!

Sorry about the weirdness with your co-worker. Hopefully she will just remember your optimism and forget all about the specific dates, so she will not pester you during your post-transfer 2ww craziness.

Thanks a million for the CO blogger link. I emailed her today to join!

Lori said...

Maybe the ColoBloggers should get together at Sushi Den sometime.

But can we forego the nakeness?

Cute dress!

Maria said...

Ugh, gross about the naked sushi. The thought of eating something off of a naked person, makes me feel sick.

I love Nordstrom's and their personal shopping dept. We don't have one out here (there building one for 2009), but I grew up going to them all the time.

Love the jacket, can't wait to see the dress.

Io said...

Yeah, the naked sushi thing just seems awful. No matter how clean the person may be, I just wouldn't be able to eat off of them...
The jacket looks really cute. You'll have to post the whole outfit when it's done being altered!

nancy said...

Holy cow. Personal shoppers. I'm SO going to start using one!

mmmm. Sushi.