Sunday, January 27, 2008

This Struck Me as Funny

I googled "PIO" today and discovered Saint Pio, the patron saint of stress relief and the January blues.

From Wiki.pedia:

In the year 2006, the Catholic Enquiry Office (CEO) in London declared Saint Pio as the patron saint of stress relief and the January blues, following a formula published by Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University's Centre for Lifelong Learning that declared that Monday, January 23, 2006 would be the most depressing day of the year.[31][32] The CEO launched Don't Worry Be Happy Day to counter the effect of this depression and declared St. Pio as the patron saint of this day. Clare Ward, spokesperson of the CEO explained that this decision was based on their belief that Padre Pio's famous spiritual advice "Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry!" would help drive out despair from the minds of people.

I figured Saint Pio would be the patron saint of a pain in the ass.

On a separate note, we got a call from the clinic today with our schedule for Tuesday! Show up at 11:45am, begin drinking water when get to clinic, relax while undergoing acupuncture (no electricity this time), transfer at 1:30pm, relax while undergoing acupuncture again, go home and rest.


Io said...

Um, if somebody told me to "pray, hope and don't worry" I would probably slap them.

Io said...

Look, I know it says I'm Catholic on my blog, but nowhere does it say I am a *good* Catholic

Rebecca said...

They do acupuncture right at your clinic? Lucky! That is great...good luck with everything and I love with io said...too funny!

Lori said...

Is this the same as Padre Pio, who had the stigmata?

That's quite ironic, too.

Meg said...

Great news!

Jen said...

Well if I am not worried, why am I praying and hoping?

But I am so happy for you and your schedule! Yay for Tuesday. It's nearly here!

Good luck with the thaw and transfer! It's two you are planning on transfering right? Will they start the thaw tomorrow?