Monday, January 14, 2008

Nurse Rachel is My Friend

Today I talked to Nurse Rachel (Jennifer doesn't work on Mondays). She agreed with the nurse I spoke with on Saturday with respect to the estrogen level not being reliable because I had already started the patches. She wasn't sure why Jennifer had requested an estrogen level and said that, if it were her, she would have requested a progesterone level and LH to test for impending ovulation. But she did say maybe Jennifer was thinking of something that she wasn't, so she would make sure to talk to her when she was back in the office (tomorrow).

We talked about how we could get comfortable that I am properly suppressed. She suggested that since I'm coming in for a blood draw on Wednesday, we should add a progesterone and LH to the order. She said they could squeeze that in without the business office knowing so that I wouldn't have to pay extra out of pocket. The clinic requires payment for the cycle up front and for FET's it only covers one blood draw and one ultrasound at certain times in the cycle. This is why I had to pay for the blood draw last week separately.

Nurse Rachel also agreed to move my U/S date up from the 25th to the 22nd. I will still need to go in on the 25th for a blood draw and possibly another U/S, but the U/S may not be necessary depending on what they see on the 22nd. She is going to check with the business office to make sure I won't have to pay extra for the U/S being earlier or for having 2 if we end up doing one on the 25th as well.

She also assured me that having a heavy period did NOT indicate that the Lu.pron wasn't working. In fact, after reading my chart (imagine that!), she thought that it was likely just a sign of my body being back to cleaning itself out more effectively and it could be that it was triggered by the D&C. She also said that if that is the case, she thinks this is a really good sign that my lining might me much better this cycle. We also discussed the irregularity they saw on the U/S for my last FET when it was cancelled. She said it was possible that the irregularity itself was preventing my lining from getting thick enough. She said those types of irregularities (in her experience) are not related to hormone levels. So now that they've cleaned me out, the hormones they have me on should be able to do their job without the irregularity getting in the way. She just had a way of explaining things that made sense. She was logical.

Not only did she answer my questions, but she gave me my hope back.


M said...

I love Nurse Rachel! She said everything I was thinking, actually guessing (as you know), and it is positive. Lets stay that way! Love, M

Vanessa said...

Im officially de-lurking to say that good nurses are hard to find :) And Im so glad that you two got everything all figured out ;) Good luck, and I'll be checking in daily for updates.

Angela said...

Nurse Rachel rocks.

I am so glad you received some answers, devised an action plan, and most importantly found HOPE again for this cycle. I've got every body part crossed and double-crossed (making it hard to type) for you!

Thanks goodness. I agree with Vanessa, good nurses are hard to find.

Be good to yourself!

- Angela

p.s. I left you a comment on my blog responding to your funny comment.

p.p.s: If you know anything about CCRM, would you email me when you get a chance at uterusofthedamned at gmail dot com? I am thinking of going there, although I live in Austin, and have already had a phone consult with Dr. Schoolcraft...

Maria said...

Nurse Rachel sounds awesome. I'm so glad that you finally got some answers to your questions.

Jen said...

I am so thrilled Rachel was able to give you the answers you need and deserve! And that she is sneaking in tests for you!!!


Io said...

Whoot! We'll make a movie. "How Denise got her hope back"

Optimistic said...

Awesome! Glad you got some questions answered! It's great to come back up after getting down. Unfortunately this is such a roller coaster ride! Good Luck!!!

Meg said...

Rachel seems wonderful! Hope is an important thing to have before this cycle and it sounds like it has crept back onto your doorstep! Here's to many more good nurses this month!

Duck said...

I agree with Angela, Nurse Rachel Rocks.

It makes more sense to me too that you are having an extra heavy af, and I take it as a very very good sign, all the old lining and other junk will be all gone away just in time for you to have a few nice embies snuggled in there for a long 9 month stay.