Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Stupid Conversation

I still have no idea what is going on. I waited all day Friday for the results of the blood work and finally gave in and called the clinic at 4:15. They are supposed to return calls through 4:30pm on weekdays. I left a message at 4:15 and no one called back. So I called again Saturday morning and was told a nurse would call me back.

After an hour, a nurse who I've never worked with before called me back. She obviously hadn't read my chart and had no idea what I was calling about. Here's how the conversation went:

Nurse: What can we help you with today?
Me: I'm calling to get results from my blood work as no one has called me back.
Nurse: when did you get blood drawn?
Me: Thursday afternoon.
Nurse: Oh, here it is. Your estrogen level was at 2xx (something over 200--I can't remember the exact number).
Me: So....(long pause)...what does that mean?
Nurse: Why did they check your estrogen level?
Me: (in head thinking why didn't you read my chart before you called me back?) I called on Thursday morning because of a heavy period and I've always had very light periods when on Lu.pron coming off of BCP. I was concerned that I'm not properly suppressed for my FET.
Nurse: Well that is what the Lu.pron is for.
Me: Uhh, I know that. But my body has responded very differently this time than it did the last 2 times. I'm just concerned it isn't working.
Nurse: Well when we use Lu.pron for an FET cycle, it suppresses you.
Me: Yes, I know. But, as I said, my body is responding differently than the last two times.
Nurse: Well everyone's body reacts differently to these medications and your body won't always react the same each time.
Me: Okay, so does that mean I AM suppressed?
Nurse: When did you start the Viv.elle patches?
Me: Thursday morning, as per my calendar (which is right in the front of my chart, you idiot).
Nurse: Well we have no way of knowing whether or not you are suppressed because we can't tell if your estrogen level is natural or from the patches that you started the morning before you got your blood drawn.
Me: I don't understand. Jennifer told me to come in for a blood draw to check for suppression. She has my calendar. Why would she do that if she knew I had already started the patches based on my calendar?
Nurse: The patch you used Thursday morning has skewed the blood results, so we don't really know. But you are on Lu.pron, so you should be suppressed.
Me: (Good God woman! What is wrong with you?!!) So, I took off work 3 hours early and spent $135 for a blood draw for nothing?
Nurse: You should be suppressed. That's what the Lu.pron is for. We don't usually do blood work this early in an FET cycle. We would normally just check your estrogen next week (on the 16th) to make sure it is over 200--no wait--over 100. Then we do a lining check on the 25th. That is all we do for FET cycles.
Me: (trying to calm myself and find a solution) So, do you think I should be checking for surge just to be safe?
Nurse: You shouldn't surge on Lu.pron.
Me. (Oh....My.....GOD!!!!!) I know that, but I'm obviously concerned it isn't working. If for some reason it ISN'T working and I ovulate through, won't the cycle be cancelled?
Nurse: Yes, but we wouldn't know if you ovulated through.
Me: That's why I was wondering if I should be checking for surge. You know what, this isn't helping. I'll just wait until Jennifer is back in the office and speak with her.

I have no idea what any of this means. Should I be testing for a surge to make sure I don't actually ovulate? Should I be concerned that they look for your estrogen level to be above 100 a week from now and mine is already over 200? Yet again, my confidence in this process, and my clinic, has been shaken. Aren't these guys supposed to be the best in the country? If everyone responds differently to medications, why do they have such a strict policy for very little monitoring in an FET? I now have this nagging feeling that we're not going to get to transfer on the 29th.

I feel so let down. I really had all my hopes up for this cycle since everything should be perfect and "ready to go" after the D&C and for some reason, I expected everything to go perfectly. I keep thinking that if we don't at least get to transfer this cycle, the D&C will have been wasted. So I will keep doing my shots, even though I don't know if they're actually doing anything. And hopefully I will get some reassurance from Jennifer this week that everything is going as it should be.


Optimistic said...

I know how frustrating it is waiting a few hours, I couldn't imagine waiting a couple days for results and then going through that conversation. Sending you positive thoughts!

Io said...

That conversation would be really funny if it were so not. Too bad you can't strangle someone over the phone.

Kristina said...

I like to call those "blank cow" conversations where the person talking to you is looking like she's never talked about anything more confusing than chewing grass.

Good luck getting things worked out.

Maria said...

Ugh, I've had many a stupid conversation with my RE's office too. So I know how frustrating it can be. It always seems like there are so many road blocks during this process. I've already had a few, and I feel like this cycle hasn't even started yet.

Hang in there and keep pestering your clinic till you get the answers you need.

Melanie said...

You'll feel better when you talk to the competent nurse. Interesting though that I started Lupron, estradiol and estrogen patch a week ago, but I don't go back to the doctor until next week. I'm wondering if that's normal?! Or if I've developed an addiction to testing. (I'm supposed to have the transfer one day before you). Fingers Crossed.

Jennifer said...

That is so frustrating! Sorry you had to waste your time and money on that one.

It sounds to me like you need to just get your RE on the phone and hatch it out with him/her. The nurses don't always have all the right info...and don't know how to analyze it properly when they do have it! I'd go directly to the source to avoid anymore confusion on this matter.

I hope you're still on schedule with your FET...I bet your RE could tell you for sure!

Amanda said...

Doesn't this make you wonder seriously how some people are employed? I hope you get to talk to your nurse today!

Amanda said...

Doesn't this make you wonder seriously how some people are employed? I hope you get to talk to your nurse today!

Laura said...

Ugh! What a frustrating conversation to read - can't imagine actually having it! Have you heard back from Jennifer yet?

Anonymous said...

i hope you hear from Jennifer today. i am also sending positive energy your way!

Duck said...

omg - I was reading it and my neck was tensing! What an idiot!!! They need to make new technology where you can simply reach through the phone and grab the said idiot and commence shaking them violently (oh my I think the suprefact is kicking in).

Angela said...

Denise - I don't understand this at all. The nurse obviously does not know what she is talking about. There is a reason there is something called a "suppression check." I am so sorry you are having to deal with this! I would demand to speak to the doctor.

Are you going to CCRM?