Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Comments & Ramblings

First of all, thanks everyone for all of the positive thoughts. It is so great to know so many people understand and have my back (so to speak).

I wanted to mention that I've changed the settings for comments and my blog will no longer accept anonymous comments. In addition to one not-so-well-meaning comment, I have also gotten some friendly anonymous comments and it has driven me crazy trying to figure out who these people are. If I get positive thoughts from someone, I want to have the opportunity to thank them for the thought and to return the favor in some way, shape or form. If someone out there decides to leave a nasty comment, they will now at least need the courage to have a name linked to their comment and won't be able to hide behind an anonymous comment.

For my friends and family who might be anonymous posters, please just create an id/register so that you can comment and I will know who you are.

On a different note, the pups (Scout and Molly) both came down with kennel cough last week. Molly (the pointer/hound puppy) had it a little worse and kept us up most nights last week with some lovely vomiting. Scout (the adult mini schnauzer) got it a little later and since we were prepared, she got her medicine sooner. One of the hardest parts about the dogs having kennel cough is that they can't go to daycare. Yes, our dogs usually go to daycare 2-3 days per week. They are spoiled. But really, we are spoiled because it means we can come home from work and actually relax. No listening to them bark like crazy, run around the house like crazy crashing into things, and wanting to go inside/outside/inside/outside every 2 seconds. Which is what the last week and a half has been like. The cough doesn't actually affect their energy level or appetite, but we're not supposed to exercise them as it can exacerbate the cough. Irony of ironies. When we first realized this meant no day care for 3 weeks, B's first comment to me was "what should we do with the extra money?!"

We had our hard wood floors resurfaced on Friday and had planned to just kennel the dogs for the weekend and head up to the mountains. Because of the kennel cough, we couldn't kennel the dogs and ended up taking them with us. They were actually pretty good all things considered except they didn't cooperate in the sleep department.

On Saturday, I went skiing with J & L at Vail and rediscovered my love of skiing. I hadn't gone in a couple of years. We stopped buying passes a couple of years ago because I expected to be pregnant any minute and would never risk a pregnancy by indulging in an unnecessary hobby (and certainly not after all we have been through). We got busy with cycling and work, a new house and the dogs, and next thing I knew it had been a couple of years. Anyway, with 11 inches of new powder, we spent an hour getting to the back bowls at Vail (via catwalk--my arms and shoulders are still sore!), skied the deepest powder I've ever seen for about two hours, and then made our way back to the base. I've never skied powder like that in my life! It was over my knees and was such a strange sensation. If you lean back a little more than usual, you just sort of float through the snow like it is a cloud. But if you lean forward a little too much--face plant! So much fun, but a lot of hard work. I wish I could go back soon, but with monitoring appointments now and busy weekends, not much chance of that happening in the near future.

Hopefully this FET will work and I'll be whining about not being able to ski for a good 9 months!


Amanda said...

i can't wait, only a couple more weeks and i'll be in colorado skiing. one question though, does this wonderful powder exist on the bunny hill? that is where i spend most of my time.

Maria said...

How fun, I love skiing in that much powder. I too haven't been skiing in several years, for the same reasons. Ugh.

I like your idea about comments. Even if someone wanted to leave an anonymous comment, so they don't have to sign up, they could still sign there name in the message. I can't believe someone actually sent you a rude comment. The nerve. And the spinelessness.

Laura said...

Hope the kennel cough is getting better! We have a pup named Molly too.

Your ski trip sounds like fun. I have only been skiing a few times -so it is still a painful hobby!

Meg said...

So glad you gut some skiing in your system and especially when the mtns got hammered! We are off to Glenwood for an entire weekend of snowshoeing....something I am hoping is possible when I am finally pregnant.

Oh, Kennel Cough. Yucko. Gotta love the doggy plaque. Our pups have gotten that so many times from Denver day cares.

Jen said...

Glad to hear the dogs sorta behaved. My Molly is doing good today, at least, not jumping on my bedrest belly!

And your FET will work!

Io said...

Skiing terrifies me, since the first and last time I did it I ran smack into a tree, but I am glad you had fun!
Can you view IP addresses of anonymous commenters? We could sic the IVP on the nasty one.

Vanessa said...

WOW, that sounds like so much fun, the skiing not the kennel cough. :D Im glad that you had so much fun, and the dogs probably really liked being with you two.

Good luck with your upcoming appt's

Optimistic said...

Skiing...gosh I haven't done that in YEARS! Bet it was fun.

I can't believe the cowards who decide to leave negative comments and not show who they are..

Thank you for the details on the ER! I really appreciate it!!

Rhonda said...

Okay - after a few tweeks, I finally reset my password and am on as a "known" poster.

I am glad you got out and relaxed for the weekend - you deserve it.

Hugs and happy thoughts always.