Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Always Have Issues

Need to make this quick so I can get to work. My lining measured between 6.5 and 7.0 with a triple pattern. They look for the lining to be at least 8.0 and triple pattern is good. So, once again my lining is too thin. I'll have to wait to get a call from a nurse this afternoon after they speak with the doctor, but I'm guessing I get to go back on Es.trace again. Wouldn't be so bad if they let me take it orally, but I guess it doesn't work as quickly that way. Can't wait to start leaking blue again.

The other issue I have is the reading from the doppler (and no they weren't checking the weather inside my uterus). This is the part of the ultrasound where they check blood flow to the uterus. They generally like the reading to be at 3.0 or lower and this measurement shows the pressure in arteries that feed blood to the uterus. Mine measured at 3.22 and 3.1 (on either side of the uterus). This is borderline high and the U/S tech and the nurse both asked if I've had any caffeine lately. I haven't had any caffeine in the last 3 days just like they recommend. I don't drink coffee, I avoided soda and chocolate completely and still it didn't help.

I don't understand exactly why the pressure measurement can effect a pregnancy and the nurse didn't seem to know the answer when I asked her the question. She went off on a tangent about if I had "reverse flow" they definitely would recommend acupuncture, but I don't have that. Guess I'll have to wait and see which nurse calls this afternoon and if SHE knows anything. If anyone has any insight into this, I'd love to hear it.

They also drew blood to check estrogen level, but won't have the results back until this afternoon.

B decided to go with me to the appointment this morning. I think he must be tired of the phone calls where I'm crying while driving to work after an appointment. He kept me calm. At least until I got into my own car and headed to work. I spent the whole drive getting more and more angry and worked up. Oh, remember how I said that EB hadn't made an appearance this cycle and I wasn't feeling as crazy on Lu.pron? Well, scratch that.

I hate this. Why can't I have just ONE appointment where everything goes perfectly! Even if things didn't work out for that cycle, at least I would have fond memories of that one appointment. I could reminisce about that great appointment. "Remember that one perfect appointment? That was awesome!"


Maria said...

I'm so sorry that you're going through this. IF really truly sucks. I wish I had some advice about the blood flow thing.

I do, however, have some assvice about your lining. Mine is usually on the thin side and even now isn't all that great. But it's better than normal this cycle.

I've been drinking one to two cups of red raspberry leaf tea a day. It's supposed to help strengthen the uterus. Whether it's really helping or not, I don't know. But my lining is a bit better.

Jen said...

I am so sorry you are getting no real answers, again.

And I gave up caffeine entirely - cola, chocolate, etc., since, oh, November and my readings were 2.07 and 1.65. So, I don't think it takes much caffeine to really affect the numbers. Or at least that is my totally unprofessional view.

I so wish you the best of luck! Think good thoughts for a transfer next week!

Duck said...

So sorry to hear about the appointment. Maria's advice is excellent, the red raspberry tea has estrogen like properties and that's how it strengthens the uterus! Start drinking some tea and hopefully you can avoid leaking blue.

Io said...

I have no help about the lining, but heee...the doppler thing cracked me up. I had an image of the tv weather guy in a suit checking it out and then walking over to the green-screen to let people know if it was supposed to rain.

Denise said...

Io-yeah, that's exactly what I was picturing. "Forecast for this week is cloudy, cold and barren."

Jennifer said...

I don't know what my readings were on "flow" to my uterus - I've never heard of that before. I gave up most caffeine - short of chocolate (I need just a little to stay sane).

Sorry the appointment wasn't "the perfect one"...but I hope that lining gets better with a little more help from those supplements!

Lori said...

Kathy Sabine is checking out your hoohahooterus?

Seriously, I'm sorry the news wasn't better today. May your perfect appointments be the ones coming up.

Optimistic said...

I too gave up caffeine completely, but hadn't had any red rasberry tea. I hope your next appointment you get some GOOD news!!

Vanessa said...

Bummer! I too wish things could go smoothly for you. I really dont know anything about blood flow issues, but have you asked Dr Google?

Best of luck