Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Isn't it Ironic?

Want to hear something ironic?

In our last two cycles, I kept all the drugs on the kitchen counter and shot up right there most nights and in the master bath in the mornings (during the stim days). It was out there, in the middle of everything, a constant reminder of what is always on my mind anyway.

This cycle I decided to try something different. I was tired of the clutter in the kitchen and the master bath and thought I'd make better use of the empty rooms upstairs that are perfect for our future children. We bought this house with the thought of these children in mind. The two rooms are a mockery of our naive absolute belief in how quickly this would happen. They share a Jack and Jill bathroom (each with their own separate sink area). I dumped out by box o'drugs on one of the counters last night and organized everything.

I left the most immediate supplies on the counter top (Lu.pron vials, needles, gauze pads, alcohol wipes, band aids, Sharps container, and print out of calendar) and hid everything else away in the drawers in order of expected timing of use. The next round of drugs (viv.elle patches and baby aspirin) are in the top drawer, followed closely by the next round (PIO and needles for mixing plus shooting, prog suppositories, medrol, tetracycline) in the drawer below. The bottom drawer holds the relics of this journey that were familiar friends so long ago (OPK's, fertility monitor and pee sticks).

Yes. I am completely anal.

I somehow feel better that it is all hidden away, but within easy reach, so all I have to deal with on a daily basis is what is on the counter. Much more manageable.

And it seems fitting that I will be doing the only thing that is in my control (administering my medication) in the very room our kids will share one day.

And by the way, in case you were wondering, if the suspense was killing you...yes, I did take that first shot last night. And the second one tonight. We're on our way.


Amy said...

Denise, I'm glad you've found someway of DH and I, too, bought our house with the intent of filling it with children. My mom had even brought over our old dresser sets and changing table. It sits in the would be nursery mocking me everyday. Needless to say, that door remains closed most days. We've converted the other 2 bedrooms into an office and guest room.

Maria said...

YAY for taking your first shots!!

I keep all my drugs in what would be our nursery. So I understand your irony.

I have a question about baby aspirin. Is there a specific time, during the cycle, when it's best to take it. I have been taking one a day for a few that bad?

Jen said...

Congrats on taking the first plunge! Again. :P

I know for our first time I made the bathroom sparkling, since I thought I needed a spotless environment and kept the drugs out of sight.

This time around, the patches and baby aspirin are on my nightstand and the lupron is on my dresser.

And the bathroom is its usual mess.

I am trying to change it up. Or, really, I'm a hell of a lot lazier.

Rebecca said...

I really like the idea of keeping it out of plain sight...great thinking! Congrats on the shot and fingers crossed for the entire cycle!

Anonymous said...

What a great use of space! Nicely done Denise. This makes perfect sense.

So happy you've got a few shots done. You are well on your way.

Melanie said...

It was so interesting to read your latest post because I've been struggling with finding a "home" for my little pharmacy. It started in my bathroom, now it's in a box. I'm thinking maybe I should just rent a drug house. Tell me, how is the lupron? This is my first foray into the lupron world and I've heard horror stories. What's your dosage? As always, fingers, toes and all applicable appendages crossed.

Io said...

I have no drugs, but I think that sounds like an excellent place to put them! Good luck!

Denise said...

Melanie, I'm taking 10 units of Lupron each evening. I started on January 1st. I will drop the dosage down to 5 units when I get my period and start the vivelle patches (should be around January 8th if all goes as planned). I'll stay on the 5 units up until 3 days before transfer, when I switch over to the fun PIO shots.

This is my third time on Lupron. In the past I've gotten headaches from it, but nothing that tylenol or a good sleep wouldn't cure. Some people experience insomnia, but I think my sleeping problems are more likely due to stress while cycling than the Lupron. I do, however, sometimes get VERY moody on this stuff. I get angry REALLY fast and frustrated really fast with things that normally wouldn't bother me.

That being said, I do know at least one person who had NO symptoms. So there's still hope for you!

Angela said...

Hoping, hoping, hoping this is it for you!

Thanks for your post on my blog and support. I will enjoy reading about your journey as well.