Thursday, December 27, 2007

Super Secret Spies

Last night we went out to dinner with some friends as we had a friend in town visiting for the holidays. It was good to catch up as we hadn't seen some of them for a year. I did have a couple of those moments where I felt completely isolated and slightly out of body because none of them know what we are going through and there were several conversations about their kids. It's like we lead this secret double life that only certain friends and family are aware of. Only instead of something cool like being double super secret spies for some underground organization, we have this secret life of cool needles, syringes, drugs, patches, suppositories, calendars and doctor's visits. Remember that Arnold/Jamie Lee Curtis move, True Lies? We are Boris and Natasha and our weapons are little needles.

Today was a fairly exciting day in our secret spy lives as we received our latest mission (calendar) and weapons (pharmacy order). The needles should arrive this Saturday sometime between 8am and 3pm (they won't give us a specific time as this could alert the enemy as to when they could steal the weapons). We will start injecting the suppression army troops (Lu.pron) on January 1st. What a lovely way to start out the New Year, eh? The tentative launch date (transfer) is January 29th. Sorry, I'm being extremely cheesy today. Must be all the snow around here. So if all goes well (cross every finger, toe, eye, leg and arm I have), we should get a transfer in for January.

Our detailed schedule is as follows (in case you were all dying of suspense):
December 25-started BCP
January 1-start 10 units of Lu.pron per day
January 5-last BCP
January 8 (ish)-expect AF (all dates below subject to moving based on timing of AF)
January 10-Begin Viv.elle patches (estrogen replacement therapy) and baby aspirin
January 16-Blood draw to check estradiol level
January 22-Doppler ultrasound to check lining and blood flow
January 25-Doppler ultrasound and blood draw to check estradiol level
January 27-Stop Lu.pron, continue Viv.elle patches, add PIO injections each morning and progesterone suppository each night. Also begin tetra.cycline at night and then 4 times per day for next 3.5 days. Start me.drol for 4 nights.
January 29-tentative transfer date
February 10-pregnancy test


Meg said...

Fun post. Oh, I LOVE schedules! Yours sounds quite busy and Jan 27th looks particularly delightful, I must say ;)

Good luck this month!!!!

M said...

Jamie Lee and Arnold came out on top in the end-- and so will you and B!

Jen said...

You so know I wanted to know your schedule. And, of course, compare it with my protocol. I am just amazed at how many patches the FET requires.

At least my belly is big enough to accommodate injections and four patches at a time...

Io said...

Mission Possible.
Good luck Agent Denise!

Jennifer said...

My FET protocol is a little different - I'm actually stimming on low dose drugs like an IVF. Looks like our transfer dates are close...mine will probably be around Jan 21st. I'll be lurking...good luck as you get started!