Tuesday, December 4, 2007

One of Those Days

It happened again. Another coworker announced a pregnancy. I don't quite understand why I don't just expect these announcements by now. I mean, you would think I'd be used to it and just expect that everyone around me is pregnant. Call it a survival instinct, from now on I'll just assume every woman I see is pregnant and every man has a wife who is pregnant. Or maybe I should just spend all my time in bars where people are drinking and obviously (hopefully!) NOT pregnant. Yes, that would be productive. I will quit my job and just go sit in a bar all day long. Sounds like a perfect plan. Anyone want to join me?


Jen said...

At least there is no longer smoking in bars, so you'd only be ruining your liver. And just bring in a laptop and work from there!

Anonymous said...

One of the best ideas I've heard in a long time! Non-pregnant people getting progressively more chatty and unvarnished. Imagine all the obscenities you could get away with by your third or fourth Long Island...

Sorry about the new announcement, though. It hurts.

jenna sais quoi said...

Ugh- PG announcements. I sympathize.

Hehe...I too tought the bar was a good idea! Until the time the guy next to me kept asking me WHY I didn't have kids. Why not? Why not? Your husband is obviously "doing it wrong."

I kid you not.

I am considering just never leaving the house again.

Thamks for stoppin' by my blog!