Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Anniversary

I have scheduled my post-op appointment for Monday morning, but I really have no idea what this entails. I suppose it is just a quick check from the doc to give us the go ahead to start our next cycle when AF decides to arrive.

I am exhausted from my first full day back at work. I have to work this weekend because we have two HUGE transactions closing next week. I really can't wait for next week to be over.

Next week also marks my third anniversary with my current employer. It is ridiculous to think about this now, but three years ago we were concerned about waiting to try to get pregnant for awhile so that I would hit my 2 year anniversary at work right before the first kid was born. At the 2 year mark, the maternity benefits at my work go from crappy to pretty darn good. It really seems stupid that we were concerned about this, but hindsight is 20/20, right?

I've been noticing this week that the two women in my department who are currently pregnant are chatting quite a bit more than they used to. Of course it may just be my uber-sensitivity kicking in and things are no different than they used to be, but it really seems to me like they have a lot more to chat about these days. I pass by them in the halls and imagine them comparing pregnancy symptoms, plans for nurseries, baby names (and on and on and on). It is just another reminder (multiple times a day) that I haven't been accepted into this club that I so want to be a member of. I've submitted my application so many times, each time filling it out more carefully, just to be rejected again. I just hope there's no limit on how many times we can apply. Oh, and I hope the person making the admittance decisions gets fired and replaced with my mom (she would definitely let us in).

On another note, one of my friends just gave birth to beautiful twin girls at 32 weeks yesterday (as some of you reading this already know). I called the husband last night to congratulate them and even while they are going through this really scary time, he still found time to express how they are pulling for us and how they know what we are going through must be really hard. It meant a lot to me. Our friends rock.

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