Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun With Numbers

Betab*ase is finally back up! This is a website where women enter their betas for singleton or multiple pregnancies (where a heartbeat was detected) and it gives you the high, low and median. The betas at 14dpo (which would be equivalent to my 9dp5dt on last Thursday) for a singleton pregnancy range from 3-2,088 with the median at 101. At 16dpo (equivalent to last Saturday for me), the range goes from 5-2,744 with the median at 198. For twins, the betas at 14dpo range from 17-945 with the median at 203. The 16dpo range for twins is 33-2,194 with the median at 396. For triplets and higher, the betas at 14dpo range from 23-1,157 with the median at 265. The 16dpo range for triplets and higher is 16-2,883 with the median at 541.

As you can tell, my betas are squarely within both ranges and higher than the medians for all of them. Huh. Because beta numbers vary so much from person to person, they really don't tell us much other than there's at least one baby in there. Can't wait for that ultrasound...


PJ over at Infertility on the Brain has tagged me for a meme, so here goes:

4 things I did ten years ago. (1998)

1. Graduated from college. Uggh, has it already been 10 years? I'm SO old.
2. Traveled to London and Paris with my mom. First time I was ever out of the country. I remember it like yesterday.
3. Got my first dog who I unfortunately named Karma (we took her to get spayed about a week after we brought her home from the shelter and they found all sorts of horrible tumors and immediately put her down). Also got my second dog, Pippen, who was my pal for the next 6.5 years. She was the epitome of a lapdog and was just the best dog EVER.
4. Met B at work. Although the scandal of dating someone at the office didn't occur until years later.

4 things I did 5 years ago (2003)

1. Was maid of honor at my best friend T's wedding.
2. Lost my memory, because I honestly can't remember anything else specific from 2003. Must have been one hell of an exciting year.

4 things I did yesterday (actually this was Saturday as I wrote this part on Sunday)

1. Got my 2nd positive beta!
2. Went out to breakfast with B. Ate half of it before becoming nauseous.
3. Lounged around watching tv.
4. My parents came over for dinner and to celebrate and we made individual bob.oli pizzas. Yummy.

4 shows I love to watch:

How am I supposed to pick just 4? Seriously, I watch a lot of tv. Maybe I'll cheat a little and add more. It'll make up for my lack of memory for the 2003 category.

1. Reality tv. Yes, I know this is a whole category, but I just love junk food for the brain after a long day at work of THINKING. In no particular order, my favs are Bi.g Br.other, Sur.vivor, Ama.zing Ra.ce, Big.gest Lo.ser, Amer.ican I.dol (except I think this season sucks), and La.st Com.ic St.anding. I also love watching Amer.icas Nex.t T.op Mod.el, but for some reason I prefer watching the MT.V marathons of reruns instead of watching it while it is in first runs.
2. Grey's Anatomy. Eye candy, good dialogue, medical drama. What more can you ask for?
3. The Office. I wish I could say I watched the British version, but I've only seen the American version and it is hilarious. Plus, if I didn't watch it, what would I talk to my coworkers about on Friday mornings?
4. Gilmore Girls. I know, I know. It is stupid and somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me. This is one I actually record reruns (since it is no longer on) to the dvr in the basement and watch while I'm on the elliptical. Of course, I haven't been down there since I started stimming for this last cycle. That elliptical must be awfully dusty right now.

4 things I love to do (besides watch tv):

1. Sleep. Guess I should do as much of that in the next 8 months as I can! I LOVE to sleep. I HATE being woken up when I'm not expecting it and I will wake up as a raging bitch. Beware.
2. Ski. I haven't done much of it in recent years, but the one ski day I had earlier this year reconnected me to the sport. I have lots of fond childhood memories on the mountain and I hope to give my kids the same.
3. Listen to music. Preferably while singing at the top of my lungs (alone in the car where no innocent bystanders will be harmed).
4. Eat. Especially at new restaurants or in new cities.

I know I'm supposed to tag specific people, but I'm going to be lazy. If you're reading this and you haven't already done this meme, consider yourself tagged.


I'll leave you with a couple of pictures. Last Tuesday after my first positive pee stick, B came home with flowers for me. Aren't they gorgeous? And they're still going strong. On Friday, after my first positive beta on Thursday, our friend Rhonda sent us this fruit arrangement. It was just as delicious as it looked!


Shinejil said...

Great news on the betas! I'm so thrilled for you, Denise.

Io said...

Hee! I'm glad everything seems to be going well!
With the first picture, I thought you had somehow put the fruit and flowers together in one vase - I was trying to figure out why on earth you would have done that. Then I looked at the second picture and wondered why on earth I am such a doofus.

Rhonda said...

the flowers are lovely - I expect they are still doing well! glad the fruit was good, I am pleased with the look of the arrangement.

survivor is my most favorite show, but I was not happy with this season's winner - the season itself had a lot to it, so it was fun to watch regardless!

nice betas!!!

Jen said...

You are such a worrywart! Your betas look great! You don't have long until the ultrasound and all the happiness will be revealed!

PJ said...

Fun read!

I had to look at my resume for some of that stuff.

I love Gilmore Girls. I actually watched them all last summer from Netflix, three DVD's at a time. The dialogue is so witty!

You're gonna drive yourself nuts with the numbers! But, I would too. The thought of twins is just so exciting.

Thanks for doing the meme. :)

BB and MTB said...

Yay for good betas! And good for hubby bringing home flowers!

Duck said...

I can't wait to see how many buns are in there - imagine if it's 2 buns or one crazy strong kickin' out those hormones bun..... so exciting! I'm bored because mr. duck is gone away on business so I will consider myself tagged for the meme.

Kristen said...

I can't wait to see how many you have growing in there as well. The anticipation for the u/s is killer.

That edible arrangement is gorgeous! We received one around Christmastime at the office and the fruit was so fresh and delish. Makes my mouth water! Enjoy!

Maria said...

Yeah, those beta could mean anything, but I'm thinking (hoping) twins!!!

Beautiful floral arrangements, the fruit one looks delicious.

~Carrie said...

Hooray for the great betas! Are you going crazy yet, waiting for the first u/s? :)

I *love* Last Comic Standing! It's one of the few reality shows I can stand, though I don't mind The Biggest Loser. Also, for some reason I get sucked into 'Wife Swap'!!(I *know* it's a ridiculous show)

Melanie said...

Nothing wrong with flowers, edible or otherwise! Sounds like things are going swimmingly. I'm so happy for you.

M said...

Well, 2003, let's see. How about B proposed and you got engaged? Just a small event that can easily slip from memory? Hard to know-- a trip to NY and 2 outings to Central Park until he thought things were just right for the proposal. And an absolutely gorgeous ring? Well, I think that ranks in the top things to remember! Love, Mom

Antigone said...

Yummy fruit! I love Edible Arrangements. Now I want some.

HeidiM said...

Glad I'm posting late so I could read your comments -- io's and your mom's cracked me up.

After the betabase info, I want to change my answer on how many from 2 to 3!

nancy said...

okay - when is that u/s??? I'm excited to see how many!!!

Alison said...

I love reading these! My mom made a fruit bouquet just like that one. They are the prettiest things!