Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Transfer Update

I'm back at home lounging in bed comfortably. Out of the 9 embies that were still growing on Monday (Day 3), 4 had arrested this morning and 2 were still growing, but poor quality. This left 3 remaining, 2 blasts and 1 early blast/morula. Dr. S recommended transferring all 3, so that is what we did. He said that transferring 3 is standard for FET's. Funny thing-he never mentioned that at our last FET and seemed fine with transferring 2. It is a little scary, but he said the triplet rate with FET's is only about 2%. We told him if we had triplets, he would have to put the third kid through college. Harvard, preferably.

The transfer itself went somewhat smoothly, except that one embryo got stuck in the tube and they had to reinsert the catheter and try again. Dr. S said that will be the kid that gets lost in Kmart. I have to say, even with all his strangeness, I like Dr. S the more I see him. He checked in on me frequently afterwards to make sure I was doing okay and we had a pretty in depth discussion about my lining issues and what he thinks the best plan of action would be if this FET doesn't work. He also assured me that there is no sign of poor egg quality just because 11 of the 14 that were thawed didn't make it through to blast. In fact, he says this is perfectly normal odds for 2pn frozen embryos and that the fact that we had 3 make it to blast (plus 2 not-so-good blasts) shows that we can make good embryos. No need to start worrying about that or thinking about donor eggs or donor embryos or anything like that. So that's a relief.

The one annoyance today was the acupuncturist, T. It was a different woman than last time and she was not as comforting or personable. The first thing she asked for was cash. Oh, and cash or check only, no credit cards. I told her we had paid with a credit card the last time and she said "no, we don't take credit cards." I said, "okay, except we DID pay with a credit card last time." Apparently the woman we had last time, C (which was the same person I went to for the electro-acupuncture sessions) accepts credit cards, but she's the only one. I said "huh, someone probably should have mentioned that to us before." She said that it says it in the brochure they hand out. Who reads those things in that much detail? And who carries around $225 in cash these days? Maybe we should carry a checkbook around with us, but we don't. So B had to go run to an ATM to get cash. Not the best way to start off the experience.

Then as T was getting me set up for the needles, she saw my navel ring and asked "have you ever been pregnant with that ring in? I hear you have to take them out eventually." Really? Jeez, maybe I don't want to be pregnant after all-heaven forbid I have to remove my JEWELRY! What a stupid thing to say to me.

I also had a slight argument with her about listening to my ipod with my earbuds. Yes, I know the needles go into the ears, but C was able to make it work. T said she didn't understand how that was possible, unless (here comes the big revelation), you just use ONE earbud! Uh, yeah, that works. I think she was offended that I preferred to listen to my pre-made relaxation playlist over her stock yoga music. Oh well.

All in all, I'm back home safe with my 3 embies inside me hopefully making themselves nice and comfortable.


Io said...

Well, here's hoping you get a kid to lose in Kmart and send to Harvard!
Have a good rest, and tell those embies they better stick around so you can b-tch about taking out your belly button ring.

Mrs.X said...

I hope you have only good news! Take care of yourself - it is out of your hands, but you can at least use this for maximum hubby attention. Sorry about the nasty accupuncturist, though.

Spicy Sister said...

Sorry about the stupid acupuncturist - lame-o.

When I used to have a navel ring, I was seeing a very orthodox Jewish D.O. who also practiced acupuncture (and I use the word "practice" very loosely here) - when he saw my ring he harassed me about marring "God's perfect work" and also said: "Well, I hope you weren't planning on getting pg anytime soon because that ring is right at a fertility point." I wasn't TTC at the time, but I freaked out and removed it anyway (and also stopped seeing Mr. patronizing D.O.). Now, I see an acupuncturist who also happens to be Jewish (not orthodox) and has reassured me that the D.O. had no clue what he is talking about - there is NO point in that specific location and she does not see any way that a belly ring would interfere with fertility. (She said he was probably reacting more out of his orthodox doctrine against body modification that as an acupuncturist). So - not to hijack - but I can relate to the stupid belly ring comments. Maybe my D.O. and your pain in the arse acupuncturist are in some kind of anti-belly ring club together?

And don't worry....they make special stretchy/flexible belly rings to wear during pregnancy, so no need to take it out and berate your kids later for you having to sacrifice your body jewelry. Whew, what a relief that is, I am sure! LOL!

I am so excited for you and am crossing everything in hopes that you will soon be carrying one, two, or three(?) little ones who you will always watch like a hawk when you visit department stores with them.

Ms. J said...

Damn, what a &^%@$! she was! I'd like to smack her for you. No matter, let's concentrate on those lil guys snuggling in good and deep ;o)

Jen said...

I can't believe they did three! I'm jealous! Everytime I go in there asking for three, Dr. G tells me no.

But my first transfer I had a sticky embryo too. I took it getting stuck in the tube as a good sticky sign.

I wish you all the best and no more stupid acupuncturists!

chicklet said...

Lol, stop all the chaos - if you have to take out the ring, jeez, that's a deal-breaker;-)

Maryanne said...

Rest and let those little ones snugglein tight!

Rhonda said...

i am thinking very happy thoughts. i am here for you. XOXO

i am excited about 3!

Alison said...

(eyes squeezed tight, both fingers crossed) Sticky eggs, sticky eggs, sticky eggs.

I'm praying!

Meg said...

Hah, Kmart...your doc sounds like he has a humorous bit to him!

Rest up and hang in there. You sound super and it sounds like all went well today, except for crazy needle lady.

If you have triplets, I will so be your nanny.

Anonymous said...

Don't mind about the accupucturist. Relax and have happy thoughts about your embies growing inside you!

JJ said...

What a stubborn kid you have already;) Get some serious R&R, and we are all crossing fingers and toes for you!

~Carrie said...

Congratulations on your 3-blast transfer! I hope they are as sticky in you as that one was in the tube.
(I feel like kicking your acupuncturist)

Ahuva Batya said...

I am seriously laughing out loud about "that's the one that will get lost in Kmar." I heart your doctor. But I'm sorry your acup was such a lousy experience. That's not much of a way to experience what should be a relaxing procedure. I'm so excited for you, with this transfer!

shinejil said...

So glad the transfer went well! I hope you're kicking back and relaxing.

I think college obligations would really spur REs to improve IVF baby rates per blast transferred. So I'm all for it! Science sometimes needs a little kick in the ass, uh, I mean incentive.

If possible, fire Miss Needlenumbskull. She shouldn't be practicing if she has such poor people skills, imho.