Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fun With Calendars

I received my calendar today. Yea! Here is the tentative schedule:

April 3: Start 10 units Lu.pron and Dexa.methasone daily
April 7: Last BCP
April 10: Expect AF
April 11: Ultrasound (U/S) & bloodwork (BW)
April 12: Continue Lu.pron and Dex. Calendar says to stay on 10 units of Lu.pron, while my last fresh protocol reduced it to 5 units. I'll have to ask about the reasoning for that.-Happy half birthday to me and happy anniversary to my brother and SIL!
April 13-15: Start stim meds, 1 vial Men.opur in morning, 75u F in evening. Continue Lu.pron and Dex. From what I remember I think my last fresh cycle started off with 150u of F, but I'll need to check my old calendar when I can find it.-Happy birthday to Scout on the 13th!
April 16: U/S & BW, 1 vial Men.opur in morning, F dosage determined based on results of U/S & BW, continue Lu.pron & Dex.
April 17: Continue same meds as day before.
April 18-22: U/S & BW, Men.opur & F dosage determined based on results of U/S & BW, continue Lu.pron & Dex each day.
April 22: Tentative trigger.
April 24: Tentative egg retrieval.
April 27 or 29: Tentative embryo transfer.

From what I can tell, the only difference in this calendar from the first go round is no decrease to the Lu.pron and starting F at half the dosage(?). Sure hope it does the trick. I am seriously considering buying a huge package of Pow.erAde from Costco when it goes on sale in April, just in case.

One piece of administrative business I wanted to mention. I had to set up the word verification again. I started getting spam. To be specific, one particular message about 10 times in one day. Sorry for the inconvenience, but please don't let it keep you from posting comments. I love em!

It is getting harder and harder to find interesting pictures to post. Only 5 more days after today. Today's photo journal theme is:

Here are some pictures of the dogs playing. Molly has about a 35 pound advantage on Scout. You might think this means Scout has courage. Some might call it stupidity. Funny thing is, she totally beats up on Molly and Molly is pretty gentle with her.


chicklet said...

While it sucks that we're both doing this, you're my cyclesista this round! We'll be within days of each other. Good luck:-)

Meg said...

Sweet, my surgery is the 30th. We can curl up in bed together!

No seriously, I am glad that you have this schedule and seem to be looking forward, at least today.

Love the dog pictures!

Spicy Sister said...

Hey Denise - I am sorry you are going through this again, but we are on really similar schedules. Like within days of each other. Hopefully we can be some support for one another in this madness? I am so rooting for you!!!

PJ said...

You might be my cyclesista too! I'm waiting to hear what's next.

Thanks for your comments on my blog about tests. I think we have done most of the tests for IUI. Hopefully it'll just be a few easy ones and then we can get it goin'!

shinejil said...

Hip hip hooray for protocols! I, too, hope the tweaks keep you out of OHSS land. Someone should invent something Powerade-like that's actually tasty. Hmmm... red wine-flavored electrolyte drinks?

The doggies are very cute. And I thought it got crazy when cats go on a tear...

Duck said...

Your dogs are so cute! Great on getting the dates, it always feels so good to have dates and a plan.

Io said...

Doh. In my mind I was thinking the word for verification was "courageous." I need to get more sleep.
I hope this cycle goes well. Power.ade sounds like a good idea.
I love the doggies! It make me think of little Charlie trying to play with Betty, who has 50 lbs on him.

Jen said...

I am really jealous! It's happening sooo soon!

But that is crazy about your calendar. I am curious how my meds will be adjusted for when we start. I hope this does the trick!

Melanie said...

Have protocol, will travel! I so hope this fresh cycle is much different from the last. How are you holding up? Anxious to begin, still recovering from the last?

Maria said...

LOL, really funny pics.

I'm so excited! We get to be cycle sista's again!! YAY! We're going to be very close too.

InfertileMyrtle said...

Great news you have a schedule though and I love the dog pics!
Sending you lots and lots of luck!

Jennifer said...

That schedule looks great! Good luck with it all!!!

Great photos of your adorable!

Ahuva Batya said...

I'm so excited for you... this cycle will be off and running before you know it. I can't wait to follow along.
I love the doggies-- I can see the houndie in Molly.

Spicy Sister said...

thanks for the comment! My tentative retrieval date is the 21st.