Sunday, March 9, 2008

10 in the Dish

I was literally on the line waiting for the answering service to pick up when the embryology lab called on my other line. I have no idea what took them so long to call and I had finally given in and was going to try to get someone on the phone. I know it has been around forever now, but thank god for call waiting.

Of the 14 thawed (yep, they thawed them ALL), 10 have made it to the dish. Actually, I'm not sure if they're in a dish or in something else. Again, this is pretty consistent with their quoted thaw rates-75% of 14 would be 10.5. I can't say I wasn't hoping for 11, but beggars can't be choosers. Of the 10, the front runners are two embryos that are currently at 7 cells. These two are already ahead of the two that we transferred last cycle (the transfer was the day after thaw, equivalent to today for this cycle). But they looked at them later in the day than they normally would, so it is difficult to say whether they are more advanced or not. Next in line are two embryos that are at 6 cells, three at 5 cells, two at 4 cells and one at 2 cells.

Here's a recap:

2-7 cell
2-6 cell
3-5 cell
2-4 cell
1-2 cell

Here are some sites with pictures of embryos (not ours obviously) if you are interested:





According to the embryologist, the ones that are 4-6 cells are all considered "on track" at this stage for a Day 5 transfer and taken with the 2 possibly more advanced embryos, we have 9 embryos in the running. The poor embryo that is at 2 cells likely won't make it, but you never know.

I feel like I should name them and have people gamble on them like horses.

Which two will make it across the finish line first? Except that if they don't make it to a high-enough quality blast to be re-frozen, they will die and be discarded. Huh, kind of like horses who get injured. I don't think they make them into glue like horses, though. Sorry. Off on a tangent here.

Time to take some deep, cleansing breaths. This cycle has me on pins and needles. Every time the phone rings, my heart starts racing. I was told to expect another phone call from the lab again tomorrow regardless of whether we are on track for a Day 5 transfer (Wednesday), or if they are calling to tell me to get my butt to the surgery center ASAP for a Day 3 transfer (tomorrow). Jeez, if I thought it was difficult to get anything done at work last week, I had no idea. Tomorrow and Tuesday are gonna be tough.


Anonymous said...

Good 'lil freezer buns!!!

Spicy Sister said...

So excited for you!!!! Boy, this sure has been the roller coaster of a cycle, hasn't it??? Those numbers look really good, I am so hoping this is IT for you!!!

chicklet said...

Wow, that's lots! But why are they thawing so many? I don't think I've heard of that (not judging, curious)?

Maryanne said...

D - Too funny about the idea of naming them and betting on them like race horses- I laughed so hard, I have thought of that at times as well!!! It does sound very promising though thus far, just have another very serious conversation with your body since it worked so well last time and you will be "prime-time" baby!!! Good luck and can't wait to hear the good news on a successful FET!

Jen said...

I will totally understand if you can't make lunch tomorrow! But how exciting! They are doing sooo well! Wishing you lovely growing, dividing, sticky embryo thoughts!

Meg said...

Wow, how exciting. Naming your embies will require silly names race horses get like "dollop of daisy" or "meadow crest"....hah!

What a quick, wonderful loopy ride you will be on this week.

Crossing everything for you ;)

Mrs Captain Jack Harkness said...

Good luck!

In my head, I can hear a race announcer saying "it's 'Just Relax' coming around the corner, but wait, 'Eggs to Riches' is closing in on second place, 'Freezer Buns' is still in the lead, and 'Prop up your Hips' straggling behind...."

You get the idea.

M said...

This sounds great. I hope this cycle does the trick for you. My fingers are crossed.

Mrs.X said...

It looks like everything is going very well! Keeping fingers crossed for you. Just remember to breathe and relax.

Ahuva Batya said...

I'm imagining a little illustration of the embryos, each with a different colored jersey on. I can imagine how stressful this is, with all the decisions, waiting, and daily/hourly updates from the lab. Hang in there. I really hope that this is it for you!

shinejil said...

Go, lil' buns, go! I think I'd be beside myself, too. Here's to a good transfer, a swift 2ww, and the most gorgeous positive ever.

JJ said...

Way to go little ones!

Kristina said...

I know nothing of all these words and numbers, but it sounds like a bunch of good stuff. I hope the little critters become sticky buns.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping for a 5 day transfer!

Rhonda said...

i read Kristina's post below. i offer a toast - from freezer buns to "sticky" buns - pretty catchy! This is a big week and I shall cross all that is crossable for ya!