Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nesting *Updated at the bottom*

Went in for blood draw this morning, so now I'm waiting for a phone call from both the nurse and the embryologist for instructions for Wednesday. I spoke with one of the nurses yesterday when she called to confirm how many embryos we wanted to thaw. I told her initially they recommended all 14, but I had asked about 10 and was told that was fine, but no less than 10. I finally just told her that I wanted them to do whatever the doctor thought was best. So I actually have no idea how many they thawed yesterday or how many made it through the thaw. We should find out this afternoon.

In addition to the pro.metrium, I started 2 viv.elle patches yesterday and today I start the tetra.cycline and me.drol. I also started back up with the baby aspirin. This wasn't actually part of the protocol, but when I asked, I was told it couldn't hurt.

In the meantime, I'm busy nesting and getting ready for 2 days of bed rest. For me this involves renting movies, loading up my ipod, doing laundry (all dirty clothes, plus sheets, towels, and even the duvet cover). I'm also going to see if we can get the guest bedroom ready for our visitors today, so that I can avoid too much work next weekend when I am PUPO. Sounds like a fun Sunday, huh? I bet you're jealous.

Blood work all came back good. Still no word on thaw, but I was told they decided to thaw all 14. Yikes!

Today's tune is "Falling Slowly" from the Once soundtrack. We rented the movie last night and, while I wasn't impressed with the movie itself, the music was great.

The theme of today's photo is:

Here are some pictures of Scout when she was a puppy. She was soooooo soft. She's still pretty soft if she gets a close grooming and you can feel her undercoat. She used to sleep in the strangest positions. Sorry, I've gone a little overboard with the puppy pix. It is too hard to pick just one or two.


Io said...

Scout was as a puppy!
good luck today - I hope that they have lots of fantastic embies to choose from for you.

PJ said...

Cute puppy!!! I'm gonna do a dog post sometime soon and do pics too.

I still feel very ignorant about the whole IVF thing. IUI, to me, is complicated! If I have to move on to IVF, I'll need to go back to Google university and learn some more. So, let me get this strait, you are thawing all ten, letting the petri dish do it's thing, and then transferring (a few?) of the best? Is that right?

My friend just played that Once soundtrack for me, and it seemed pretty good. She's a musician and was very excited about the movie.

Meg said...

What a cute puppy.

What an exciting week coming up, stay hopeful and get some fun movies to watch!

I am actually jealous, I have spent all weekend doing a lit review on psych facilities for I would really much rather have washed my clothes and sheets ;)

Ms. J said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! BTW, I liked your "counter" so much I used the same one on my blog :o)

Melanie said...

Houston, you have liftoff. I know you're nervous about your bakers dozen +1 of embryos, but trust in the experts. Help me understand, they were frozen on day 2? So they'll grown them to blast? Will they refreeze the left overs? My clinic would only freeze at the blast stage, so I'm interested in how your's does it.

And you are a very, very smart person to take care of all this stuff before the great rest.

Alison said...

He is so cute so soft looking. Without the potty training and chewing, don't you wish they stay this size?

Optimistic said...

What a cute pup! Sounds like everything is going good so far! I'm so happy for you. Crossing my fingers for ya!

Ahuva Batya said...

I think it's wise to just let the experts make that particular decision; they do this over and over, and their experience will yield the best results, I'm sure of it. I'm excited for you, and hope Wednesday goes very smoothly!