Sunday, March 2, 2008

Holding the Limbo Stick

I'm still in limbo. My one brave follicle is now at 1.6 (up from 1.3 two days ago), so I should be ready to ovulate in about 2-4 days. My lining is only at about 4.5. Assuming my lining was at 3.5 on Friday (which I'm not entirely sure of) and it continues to grow at the same rate, it should be around 5.5 in 2 days (Tuesday) or 6.5 in 4 days (Thursday) and we would be back to the point where we were with our last FET, but without drugs. Once I surge, the transfer would be 5 days later, so that gives the lining more time to grow. Who knows.

The doctor wants to keep plugging away and see what happens since my follicle is still growing. I go back in at 7:15am Wednesday morning for another lining check and blood draw. We also have another appointment with Sage on Wednesday afternoon so looks like I'll have a CCRM book end to my day on Wednesday. Lovely.

The theme of today's photo is:

This is the rear end of our dog Molly. It can be truly filthy and foul at times.

This one doesn't really fit in with today's theme, but I just took it out in our driveway and I like it.

Today's Tune is "Sometimes Always" by Jesus and Mary Chain with Hope Sandoval (from Mazzy Star). I'm kind of picturing my head and my uterus singing this duet. Which part do you think each should sing?


PJ said...

Oops! I read the other post first. Sounds like your uterus IS cooperating! Yay!

nancy said...

i ~love~ mazzy star. So so so very much.

Good luck on the growth! What is the minimum you'll proceed with?

chicklet said...

I can't believe you took a pic of your dog's ass - that's hilarious!!!

Alison said...

Ewe, doggie bums can be pretty disgusting.

Inquiring minds want to know... What is the minimum you'll proceed with?

Jen said...

I think its great that you get to move forward. That's positive. That's growth. I am crossing my fingers.

And I love puppy butt! Well, not really but it's hilarious.

Optimistic said...

Nice dog ass :)...

Glad things are progressing.. I'm thinking about you and hoping you can proceed!