Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekly OB Update

Had my weekly OB visit today. Nothing new to report. Here are the quick highlights:
  • Heard babies heart beats
  • Blood pressure at 120/66
  • Iron at 13 something (was 11 something before adding supplements weeks ago-should be over 12)
  • Weight up 1.5 pounds since last week-not sure I really believe this one as last week's appointment was a morning appointment and this one was late afternoon
  • Belly still measuring 39cm
  • Got my paperwork back signed by the doctor for my maternity leave
  • No sign of PUPP, so itching is just from my lovely stretching skin-doctor recommended any kind of butter/cream since thicker than lotion
Wednesday is the next ultrasound with the perinatologist.  It can't come fast enough.


Io said...

I'm glad everything is looking good - I hope time goes quickly!

Rebecca said...

Don't even mention PUPP!!! It's the worst!!! I'm glad things are going so're a trooper!

Ms. J said...

More good news! Now back to the couch.

And please find us another belly model - we love the Special Guest Stars bellies, hee hee?! Maybe the mailman next?

sara said...

I'm so glad you had a great appointment and I hope the one wednesday comes quickly for you as well! You are doing such a great job on the bedrest. I never knew until I spent a lot of time on it myself what a hard job it can be. Keep up all the hard work - you're doing a great thing that no one else can do!

Jen said...

No news is good news right?! Glad to hear everything is good!