Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Feels Like Home (note sarcasm)

Here's the update for today.

Both Apple's and Banana's fluid is a little lower than it was on Monday. The doctors think this could be caused by the Celeb.rex as it can affect the babies' kidney function for a short period of time. Would have been nice to know that this was a side effect. Not that I would have refused to take it, but shouldn't that have been my decision?

Anyway, they are not worried about Banana because he has a lot of fluid anyway. Apple, however, is on the low end of the scale. Her AFI on Monday was 5 and this morning it was 2. She has only one pocket of fluid hanging out by her feet. They did another biophysical profile and her movement, tone and blood flow still looked good. We had to wait awhile for her to take a practice breath, but she eventually did. Banana's biophysical profile was perfect.

Because Apple's fluid level dropped, I am staying in the hospital now at least until Friday. Do I sound like a broken record yet? They will do another ultrasound on Friday to check again. I had my last dose of Celebr.ex, so it should be out of my system by Friday. If Apple's fluid increases to an acceptable level, they will probably let me go home. But, if the fluid is still low (same as today or lower) they will keep me in the hospital and watch Apple's other signs to watch for distress. The bottom line is that if Apple continues with low fluid, and her other signs start to deteriorate, we will need to deliver the babies.

The goal is to get me at least to 32 weeks (2 weeks from tomorrow) as this is a significant milestone in terms of preemies and the types of issues they will have. Of course, anything beyond that is even better.

In the mean time, the doctor has ordered 2 jacuzzi immersion sessions a day for 30 minutes each. The theory is that sitting in the warm water (no jets since that can cause or increase contractions) helps to move some of the body's fluid from tissue to my vascular system and then on to the babies. I'm also drinking a ton of water, but that is nothing new. And I'm still taking the pro.cardia for the contractions.

They had a physical therapist stop by to show me some in-bed exercises to try to avoid some muscle deterioration and now I get to sleep with sexy compression stockings or those funky leg cuff things that plug in and squeeze your legs to avoid clots. They also got me a special gel mattress that is supposed to be more comfortable. I also have wheelchair privileges now if I want to go see the sights of the hospital. So, they are preparing me for a longer stay, just in case. The doctor said to plan on staying long term and if things work out so I can go home it will be a very pleasant surprise. Sure feels like I'm slowly, but surely moving in here.


BB and MTB said...

Pretend like it's a fabulous spa where they cater your every need. I hope the time goes quickly and you are distracted by all the good things going on around you.

Rhonda said...

i am sending crazy positive energy your way! sorry i did not get to visit today. you sound like you are in some of the best hands!

jason has asked about you every day, so I thought I would pass along in your need for happy thoughts.


s.e. said...

Oh, Denise. I have been following along, just haven't been able to comment at work. I am sorry you have to jump through yet another hurdle to have your sweet little ones.

You have been handling all this beautifully, taking everything that is thrown at you. You strength is shining. It sounds like you, Apple and Banana are in good hands. And however much it sucks that you are in the hospital, take comfort in the close care.

Keep thinking about one day at a time and hopefully the two week mark will be here before you know it.

DebandTony said...

Hi Denise! Just checked in on you... Ahh! Glad you are in good hands! Hang in there, this will all be so worth it and so much more! :) I am thinking about you & praying for healthy babies whenever they come out! Say hi to your mom and give those babies a big rub for me! Take care!

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry that you're still in the hospital. Hopefully things will look better in a few days!

Rebecca said...

Ugh...I feel for you!

Those leg compression things are pretty good, but they get hot after a while...are they letting you walk around at all?

I really hope that the fluid levels start falling in line with what you need...this has got to be driving you nuts, but you're handling it all so well. I'd be a raving bitch!

Keep it up and just know that you're doing the best thing for your family!

Pink-CJ said...

Ah, That sucks. I see why you are jealous! I hate hosptials and could not do what you are doing. I mean I guess i would have to for the sake of my babies. Gosh, So sorry to hear about the low fluid. Yes you do want to make it until 32 weeks! I am shooting for you, 34 weeks! Well I hope you aren't too frustrated in being in the hospital. Just know, you are helping the lives of Banana and Apple.
Take care,

admin said...

Came over from LFCA. I have been on bedrest for 12 weeks now, the first 4 in the hospital. Sounds like they are doig a great job keeping you comfortable there. A gel mattress would have been a god send!

Hope the fluid levels come up and everyone stays stable. Despite being preemies, 30 weeks is a good place to be. I have a very good friend who's wife delivered twins at 30 weeks and they are now thriving 1 year old boys. Of course, the longer they cook the better:)

Keeping you in my thoughts.

Spicy Sister said...

Sending LOTS of good vibes and thoughts for increasing fluid levels!!!!

I am so sorry this has turned into such a crazy and frustrating experience. It sounds like the lack of full communication is a bit annoying. You are handling it all so beautifully and are already such a great mama!

Would love to come visit if you are in there much longer! If you get a sec please email and let me know if you need more visitors (and where you are!) :)

Sending you so many positive thoughts and vibes!!!! Big hugs!

Jen said...

I'm sorry you're stuck there but it's all for the good of the babies. That is what's important!

So, how is the food? :)

Kristina said...

A piece of hopeful information - both of my hospital friends rebounded from an AFI of 2 to a higher number. One got up to a 9 and the other to a 7 or 8.

Feel free to call me if you want to talk to someone about hospital life, monitoring strips, NICUs, or preemies. It sounds like your strips have looked good and that is an incredibly good sign. Try to keep hanging in there. And practice breaths are so exciting - I'm proud of her for practicing her little lungs.

Ms. J said...

I was at the hospital myself all day today for tests on my Lil Pumpkin (nothing to be alarmed about, just part of her cardiology workup), so I am exhausted and behind on EVERYTHING right now . . . but I am thinking of you lots, and thinking about all 4 of you (Apple, Banana, Mommy, Daddy).

Phoebe said...

I'm sorry you have to be in the hospital for bedrest. I hope the jacuzzi works to get more fluid to apple. My husband had those stockings and compression thingees when he had his hip replaced three months ago. I'm sure they are no fun to sleep in. I was able to spend the nights with him in the hospital. They put him in a room that could have a cot I could sleep in next to him and help him out. I hope your hubby can do the same for you. I'm hoping your fruit can cook a little longer!! You have a great attitude. Hang in there!!