Sunday, November 2, 2008

Morning Update

Day 3 of my incarceration. Really, that's what it kind of feels like. I've been locked in the same room since Thursday night, not even allowed to roam the halls. Last night seemed to go a bit better than the night before. We discovered before I went to sleep that if they take my blood pressure after I've been up to use the bathroom (which is really the only "up" time I get), it is much better than if I've been lying down for awhile. Duh. So every 4 hours when they came in to give me the pro.cardia, I would get up to pee first and my blood pressure was holding steady around 105/55 (give or take). They also gave me more IV fluids last night and kept me on a drip overnight. Sure is fun sleeping with an IV. They were threatening me with magnes.ium sul.fate last night, but settled for fluids with the proc.ardia as long as the contractions weren't painful. I was happy about that because I've heard and read horrible things about mag.

It's amazing what 3 days of lying in bed does to your body. I don't remember feeling like this with my IVF bed rest sessions. Probably because I was at home, and not pregnant. But it is really taking a toll on my body now. My back is especially difficult to deal with. Last night my whole chest was aching, my legs were aching and cramping. And now my arms and hands ache.

They haven't come in to start monitoring yet this morning, but I expect that soon. Last night I was talking to the nurse (she has been the same nurse on the night shift all three nights), I was talking about how antsy I was feeling. I just need to get out of this room for a little bit and get a little fresh air. Even if it isn't fresh air, just different air. She said that today they could ask the doctor for orders to allow me to be wheeled around in a wheelchair for half an hour or so. She also thought the doctor would write an order so I could sit in the jacuzzi tub they have on the L&D wing. And, they are going to move me to a different room that has a view. A view of what? I have no idea, but it has to be better than a view of a rooftop and the rooms on the other side of the roof. Sounds like heaven, doesn't it? For the past two days, the highlight of my day has been taking a shower (in a chair of course).

The nurse did think it was possible they might want to keep me for another couple of days to watch me further. So, instead of waking up every morning thinking I'm going home today, I think it will be better for me mentally to think I'll be going home in a couple of days. It is getting hard to be told I have to stay each day, even though I saw the signs. I know what needs to happen. My contractions need to be spaced far enough apart so that I'm having no more than 6 per hour, and my blood pressure needs to stay high enough while on the medication. Wish I had some control over that!

Thanks for all of your comments. Each one has helped cheer me up just a bit and is helping to remind me why I'm doing this.


Amanda said...

goodness gracious, I was (and have been a lot lately) MIA from the internet so just checked in. sorry to hear that you are laid up but i'm glad that you are getting the care you and babies need. hang in there - i'm sure it is miserable being stuck in the hospital. you should have brian (hi brian!!) pick up the book Loving Frank by Nancy Horan for you. i just finished it this morning and it was fabulous!
anyway, take care and let me know if there is anything i can do from afar.

Jen said...

Well I hope you get to be wheeled about and get a room with a view, and, most importantly, those babies stay put and continue to grow!

BB and MTB said...

I hope you get some fresh air soon. Hang in there.... this is all for two GREAT reasons!!!!

Antigone said...

At least you have your laptop. Just imagine how much worse it could be: nothing but daytime television.

Io said...

I just shuddered reading Antigone's comment. Daytime television. Ug.
At least in prison they get an hour outside or something. (I think. I'm basing that on tv shows. I coudl be wrong.)
I hope you get up for parole soon.