Sunday, November 23, 2008


No changes to my contractions lately except (dare I say?) they seem to be spread out a bit further. Overall, I feel okay. Pelvic pain has gotten worse and I do have moments of crazy where I feel like I HAVE to move and get off the couch for awhile. My routine is starting to feel very dull. My main annoyance lately is that the skin on my lower abdomen and around the belly button has started to itch like mad. It is so sensitive and tender that if I scratch it very lightly even just for a little bit, it starts to hurt. I must have had a growth spurt in the last day or two that has stretched the skin very thin. Has anyone found anything that helps other than plain old lotion?

B got a lot done this week/weekend. He visited one of the daycare centers on our list, put the changing table together, changed some light bulbs, replaced a battery in a smoke detector (that started beeping at 4am the other night), went grocery shopping, picked up my prescription, got a new tire on his car, put up the Christmas tree and put together the new oil-less turkey frier I got him as an early b-day gift. I sat on the couch yesterday watching him go back and forth like the energizer bunny all day long.

B also made a whole chicken for dinner last night to try out the frier. It cooked a bit unevenly because the chicken was small and a bit difficult to center on the basket, but it was really good. Incredibly tender and moist. We won't be using it for the main bird on Thanksgiving this year, but maybe next year once it is broken in.

Not to be outdone, my mom (with some help from dad) has been running around like crazy helping us to get some things together and taking care of my lunches during the week. She put together a hospital bag for me and I just need to add a couple more things to it. She has also been helping with laundry and all sorts of other odds and ends.

Because of all of this, we are getting very close to having everything ready for these babies! Here's what is still on the list:

1. We still need to decide whether or not to get on a list for a daycare and pay the non-refundable deposit now, or wait and hire a nanny later.
2. B is going to try to install the car seat bases (4 of them!) later this afternoon. Once they are installed, we have to make an appointment with the fire department to get them checked out.
3. We still need to buy a monitor. Ideally, I would like to get a video monitor that has two separate cameras so that we can see both babies. From the online research I've done, there are a couple of video monitors that offer the ability to set up a second camera, although the options are very limited. All the reviews I've read say that hooking up the second camera generates a bunch of static or interference. So I've been stalling on making a decision on this one.
4. We still need to buy some feeding items (bottles, bottle cleaning accessories)
5. I'm still looking for an extra diaper bag. A friend got us one as a gift and it will work great for shorter trips (and it is so incredibly cute). However, I think with twins I need to look for a really big one too to use for overnight visits, and travel etc.
6. Take home outfits for the babies. We'll wait on this one for awhile. I would have no idea at the moment whether to get them something for preemies or just newborn.
7. I started putting together a list of phone calls/emails to make once the babies are born, but I need to finish it.
8. Finish packing hospital bag.
9. We need to look into putting a will together.

Also this week, both my mom and dad got to watch Apple and Banana show off for them with various body parts poking out of my belly, gliding or tumbling across it. They have periods most days where they are very active, although it is usually still difficult for me to tell which baby is moving when.

Hey, when people tell you that you look great when you're pregnant, do they really think so? Or is that just what you say to a pregnant lady? There was a time there that I didn't think I'd get to see what I look like 32 weeks pregnant. This is so cool. Each additional week is a small victory and the next major goal is 34 weeks. Here's what the belly looks like today. I've included a picture with a shirt over the belly this time because I think it looks totally fake, like I stuffed a round beach ball under my shirt!


Valerie said...

LOL you are right with your shirt down it does look like you have a beach ball in there. It is a very cute belly though.

s.e. said...

Based on your belly pictures, it looks like you really do look great. Even though you are "ready", remind the little ones to hold out a while longer!

bb and mtb said...

Congrats on 32w3d!!! The bed rest is working and the babies are comfy and snug in there. Love the belly, and yes it does look fake when fully clothed, but in a really good way.

Antigone said...

You do look great! Wow...time is flying by now...

Io said...

Yeah, I'd say based on these pics that people really mean it - you look like one of those women that just gains wait in the belly (of course, you also look physically impossible, like bumblebees that fly)
I'm glad the babies are sticking in there!

shawna said...

It does look pretty fake, but absolutely adorable. I wonder if I will feel the same when it is mine.

Amanda said...

Please add me to the list (item #7). It can say - ARC (send text message). he he he

Ms. J said...

That is priceless - and you are soooo right, it does look a bit funny-fake with the shirt over it!!! Thanks for showing us, LOL!

So thrilled that you have made it this far (and wishing you many more days ahead).

Rhonda said...

i laughed when i saw the pic with the shirt over it. i cannot believe that is your belly - it definitely looks like you have a beach ball!

what size are you looking for in a diaper bag????

i hope to come visit over the holiday!

Rebecca said...

Good for you!!! You're like the Energizer Bunny...going, and going, and going...

Great diaper bags at Pottery Barn Kids.

That itching could be the beginning of stretch started for me 11 days before I went in for my section...soooo frustrating! I used Bio-Oil and it did help a little bit...still using it. Try your best not to itch packs help.

Your belly looks great. Don't worry if people are telling you the truth or doesn't matter in the end...they're probably just thinking that if they were doing what you're doing, they'd look like death! Keep up the good work!!!

PJ said...

Your belly is just craaaaazy cute!

DebandTony said...

Definitely buy preemie for their going home outfits! My singleton babies were 6 pounds and needed preemie clothes at first :)! Just wanted to help you cross something off your list! Glad all is going well, hang in there!

Jules said...

What a beautiful belly!!! You are right though, it could pass for a fake belly...almost lol :)

Gibson Twins said...

You are doing great!!!!

Thanks for the chocolate eclair idea- that is seriously my favorite dessert but wasn't sure if it "qualified" LOL. Now since you mentioned it that qualifies it- easiest thing I've ever made!

Ms. J said...

By the way, it sounds like DADDY is nesting!!!

HeidiM said...

Looking good! So glad the babies are staying put!! And wow your husband is quite the worker bee.

Amanda said...

If it makes you feel any better, I still don't have my back completed, haven't had the seats checked by the fire department, haven't found another diaper bag, and haven't finished my to-contact list. :-)

I'll share what I decided to do about take-home outfits. I bought outfits I liked in preemie and newborn sizes and left the tickets on them. After the boys are born my Mom is going to wash whichever outfits are size appropriate and we're going to return the ones that aren't.

I think that most people really mean it when they tell you how great you look (especially when they're telling you). Some people really do carry pregnancy well, and from your pictures I'd say that you're one of the lucky ones.

Happy 33 Weeks!!!