Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Dam Broke

Today was a really good day. It flew by because we had tons of visitors. They moved me to my new room which has a little fridge and a mountain view! I was actually hungry for the first time in days and the shakiness from the terb is pretty much gone. I even got to go outside today. Woo hoo! My family was here visiting for awhile and B was able to go home and do some laundry before coming back to the hospital. Then it got dark and everyone left. And I sat in bed and looked around the empty room. What now?

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm here at least until tomorrow? It really is just day by day.

B had to go pick up the dogs this evening who have been kenneled since Friday. He called me a bit later when everyone had gone too and I just started crying. I felt stupid and I know it made him feel guilty. I just couldn't help it and now I'm tearing up again just thinking about it. Hospital rooms are lonely places at night. Even with the company of the tv, phone and laptop.

B called back a bit later while I was eating dinner and told me he is taking the day off tomorrow and now I feel guilty for making him feel guilty. But he said the dogs are pretty wigged out. Scout, our little schnauzer is running all around the house looking for me and Molly, the big hound/pointer mix, ran right into the house and jumped up onto the coffee table. I'm sure they'll settle down soon though. They should be exhausted after being at the kennel.

As far as Apple and Banana go, they've been moving around like crazy. They actually behaved for this morning's monitoring session, but the second session took a bit longer to get them settled. One more session to go tonight. My contractions were pretty good this morning spaced from 7 to 11 minutes apart. During the second section, they were a bit closer together, back around 6 minutes apart. I'm not really convinced the pr.ocardia is doing anything. I think this is just my pattern now. They are slower in the morning and get closer together as the afternoon wears on. I guess as long as they aren't painful, and my cervix holds up, I could continue like this all the way to 38 weeks.

The doctor did check my cervix today and said it still seems closed, so that's good. She also did a swab for the strep-B test. I guess it is probably a good thing my mom asked about that today (of course I forgot), because the treatment is usually penici.llin, which I'm allergic to. This way, if I have it, the lab has the time to figure out which antibiotic will work and it will be all ready to go whenever the babies are born.

Being on a labor and delivery ward is a little weird. Women are giving birth all around me and we are trying really hard to make sure I don't. Yesterday when my contractions were pretty regular around 4-5 minutes apart, the nurse commented that I had the best labor pattern on the floor. How ironic. When I do hear a baby crying, I get wistful for a minute wishing that Apple and Banana were here, and then I have to push the thought away and give them a strict thought to stay put. Now is not the time.

The good thing about this hospital visit, is that we're now very comfortable here. I know how things work and I've met a lot of the nurses. It has also helped me decide what to pack in my hospital bag, which we are going to do this week-no more putting that off. Oh, and we are going to try to move up our prenatal doula visits too for fearing of not getting the benefit. I'm hoping that this hospital stay just makes it that much easier when we do come back for delivery. Hopefully not for another 8.5 weeks or so.


momofonefornow said...

I think it is awesome that you are able to look at the bright side. I can't say for sure but I think I would totally be a Debbie Downer. I hope all continues to go well and that cervix stays clamped shut! Wish that there was some way to keep you company.

Maybe dh could get you a portable dvd player and hit the redbox each day with new stuff to occupy your time.

nancy said...

Jeez, I leave you alone for a day and look at this!

Your title scared me though, I thought your water broke. Ack!

I'll check up on you tomorrow.

Spicy Sister said...

It makes so much sense you would break down a bit. Honestly I am amazed it wasn't moreso. I think I would be a big blubbering, feeling-sorry-for-myself, woe-is-me, crying lady. Not because I don't believe everything will be ok, but just because this is a lot to take in and to take on. And it does seem like such a solitary experience.

I am so glad your family is such a great support to you and your hubby as well. And also I agree it will probably make delivery so much more comfortable there having been there for so long. But I hope you get home soon and are able to relax at home with your hubby and your pooches. Big hugs, sweetie - hang in there!!!

BB and MTB said...

Hang in there! You are doing great!!!!

Maryanne said...

I hope you had a good night and got some well needed sleep. Here's to a better day today!

Ms. J said...

Since you have internet access . . . any chances you could go on to some of the web sites of the tv networks and download/watch episodes? Just a thought.

What about a VIRTUAL shopping trip? Maybe plan a dream trip, researching hotels, destinations, the bikini you will wear, yadda yadda?

Said a prayer for you and the fruit bowl in church this weekend. Sticky thoughts!

P.S. Just realized that "Apple" and "Banana" are the two fruits that my Lil Pumpkin knows how to say out loud (and her favorites). Hee hee.

Jen said...

Like Nancy, I thought your water broke! But wishing you a return to normalcy and that you get to go home soon.

And you are doing great. Tears are understandable!

Jennifer said...

I thought your water broke too (from your title)...I'm so relieved to read that it's still in tack and babies are still comfy and cozy in mom's uterus!

paula said...

You will get through this. Tears are okay, they probably are not the first and they won't be the last. Already your kiddos are off to a good start. Just lay low and think happy thoughts. If you are in the hospital for long, then have a baby shower in the hospital, the nurses will help plan it, with internet access you can do pretty much anything, probably even work.
It is not easy to say this, but time on bedrest with out mag is easier than time spent on mag, which is only slightly easier than time in the NICU...The beta shots will help the lungs of your kiddos, my 874 grammer never needed oxygen and you are farther along and BOTH Apple and Banana are bigger than 2 pounds. Just give all your worries to someone else (I gave them to my hubby-poor guy) then concentrate on being comfortable.

Kristen said...

Please forgive me as I am lacking on my blog reading and just got around to catching up on what is going on with A&B. Your title gave my intestines a bit of a jolt! LOL

I'm glad everything is going as well as can be expected. You are doing a great job at staying positive. Lots of prayers coming your way from MD! XOXO

Rhonda said...

I am on complete agreement with Nancy and Jen - I thought something different for the dam breaking!

I guess this means you are human since you broke down! I don't think you let anyone down, least of all yourself and B - you have a lot on your shoulders and you had a lot to distract until last night! I too, had trouble sleeping and thought of you often!

Play on the internet as much as you can, in 8.5 weeks, that time will decrease significantly! :-)