Friday, October 31, 2008

What a Difference a Couple of Days Makes

After the results of Monday's test, we though we were in the clear for the next 2 weeks. Not so much. Last night when I got home from work, I was contracting. A lot. I took a bath. I drank tons of water. I rested on my side. And after counting contractions between 8 and 9pm that ranged from 2 minutes between to 10 minutes between, I called the doctor. The told us to head to the hospital for monitoring.

Once we got to the hospital, I was hooked up to monitors (one for contractions and one for each baby) and watched. The doctor stopped in and we talked. She did another fetal fibron.ectin and manual exam of the cervix (which looked great still). Then they started me on terbu.taline to try to relax the uterus and slow down the contractions. I got two sub-cu shots of terb and then the results of the fetal fibron.ectin came back positive. Very confusing since the one from Monday was negative and supposed to predict very little chance of pre-term labor in the next two weeks. But a positive isn't relied upon as much as a negative because it just means you are at increased risk of pre-term labor, but many people won't experience it. Regardless, because of the positive results, they decided to admit me over night. They started alternating oral terb with oral proc.ardia (another medication to slow down contractions) and gave me the first of two shots of betame.thasone (a steroid shot to help the babies lungs mature in case of premature delivery).

I stayed on the monitors all night last night and because of the jittery, heart racing side effects of the terb, didn't really sleep at all. This morning we were told that the plan was the same until the doctor was able to come see me (around 9am). They did decide that the babies only needed to be monitored 3 times a day since they looked great (good heart rates and lots of movement). I don't think Apple and Banana like having the monitors on as it felt like they kept trying to kick them off. The doc showed up at 4pm. It was a long, long day. They decided to keep me at least one more night to do the second shot of beta.methasone. It is most effective when the mom is given two shots 24 hours apart. This means the second one falls at 1:30am tonight.

The medications did slow down the contractions, but they have started to get a bit more frequent as the afternoon and evening wears on. This is the pattern I've been in for a couple of weeks now. The doc said as long as I'm contracting no more than 6 times an hour, they will send me home tomorrow and keep me on the medications. Once home, I will be on modified bed rest, at least for a couple of weeks. This means I get up really only to go to the bathroom, shower, grab some food, etc. Guidelines are 1 hour up, 2 hours of rest. I can be sitting up if it is more comfortable to rest that way. I can also try to work from home as much as I feel up to. So we'll see how that goes. If a couple of weeks go by smoothly, we might try cutting back on the medications and cutting back on bed rest a bit (maybe go in to work for a couple of hours a couple of days a week). We'll see though. This is a critical point in the pregnancy and the doctor pointed out that we should do everything we can to prevent premature delivery or we will always be stuck with the "what ifs." I whole-heartedly agree.

We are hopeful that things will go well from here. I don't know why or how, but for some reason so far I haven't shed one tear over this situation. Sooooo unlike me. I've gotten permission to take my tyl.enol pm tonight to try to get some sleep and hopefully some relief from the back pain that is now constant. Wish me luck.

Oh, and if anyone out there has stories about pre-term labor (contractions) that have happy endings (term deliveries), please let me know! I want more reassurance of a good outcome!

(sorry if this was rambling post. I'm going on no sleep and jittery side effects from medication right now)


Io said...

Oh my, no kidding - what a difference a couple days make.
I'm glad the kiddoes are still safe and sound in there and I hope they stay that way. Good luck with your bedrest. I'll have my fingers crossed for you.

Ms. J said...

Oh my, I can't imagine all that you (and your body) are going through.

I will keep all four of you in my prayers, with a special thought for Apple and Banana to stay in the fruit bowl as long as possible!

PJ said...

Wow! Sounds like you've had quite a ride!

I hope you get some rest and that the contractions slow.

BB and MTB said...

Sending good vibes your way for more time with the babies inside before they decide to meet you face to face.

I suspect you will have lots of down time in the next few days and weeks. I've been reading a twin-mom blog for almost 2 years now ( and I would recommend it to you. She also went on bedrest at about 20 weeks. Start at the beginning (the babies were born in May 2006) and see all that you have to look forward to...

Good luck!!

nancy said...

That terbutaline sure is a trip, isn't it? If you ever wanted to know what it was like to take meth amphetamine, well, there you go (yes I was a rebel and I'd try anything once. What a horrible drug that is!)

I went into pre term labor with Allison at 27 weeks. I was sent home the next day and put on bedrest for a few days. Then modified bedrest. Then with the lack of consistent contractions and a cervix nice and tight and long, I was allowed to go back to doing everything. Nothing more happened until I went into labor and gave birth at 39w4d.

Take it easy, listen to your doctors and most imporatantly, listen to your body.

Lots of "stay put" vibes coming your way for apple and banana!! :)

Spicy Sister said...

Oh Denise! How scary!!!! You poor thing! You are such a trooper. I am so glad they have been able to get things to quiet down and I am sending you tons of "stay in there babies" thoughts. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do, I know the bed rest will be a bummer, but I also know you will do whatever it takes to help these little ones make it to term. Sending you lots of good thoughts and hugs!!!

Rhonda said...

i am so thankful for your post! dang it for having to go in and for having to be on bed rest, but...i think you are in such good hands. i thought so much about you yesterday, so I was anxious to read your post...although, i was a bit too lazy to get on the internet once i turned off my computer for the day...

please let me know if there is ANYTHING i can do!

Jennifer said...

I'm saying prayers for you...babies, please stay put for now!!! I hope those contractions subside and don't worsen anytime soon...hopefully those little sweetpeas can bake a little longer!

I was on bedrest for low fluid toward the end of my pregnancy - around 36 weeks with my little guy. I ended up being induced for the same problem at 38.5 weeks, so I was able to get him to hang in there for another 2.5 weeks by taking it very easy and drinking lots of fluids.

FINGERS CROSSED for you all...get some rest if you can!

Amanda said...

You and the babies are in my thoughts! I'm sure that everything will work out just fine, though.

If you want an amazing story of preterm labor held off for a majorly long time, go here: If I remember correctly she began contracting at 18 weeks and managed to hold her girls in until 36 weeks and some odd days.