Thursday, October 16, 2008


Big sigh of relief. I passed the 3-hour glucose test! All levels were within normal ranges. I'm SO relieved.

When the nurse called after my 1-hour test, I hung up the phone and burst into tears. And then I told myself to stop being over dramatic. This time I was really nervous all day waiting for the call. I thought about it and realized that my experiences with nurses calling me with bad news through IF treatments has tainted my expectations on receiving medical news over the phone. I've gotten so used to hearing bad news from nurses on skyrocketing E2 levels, cancelled cycles or negative betas. Now I'm always expecting bad news and all of those feelings of anxiety return. Maybe someday the good news phone calls will start to overshadow the bad news phone calls and I'll be back to expecting the best instead of the worst.

I had a spell of dizziness at lunch today. This is going to sound strange, but I'm convinced it was because I was talking too much and not getting enough oxygen! I relaxed for a bit and went outside for some air and felt better.

The painter started yesterday and is supposed to finish up tomorrow. So far it looks awesome. I'll have to post pictures when it's done and before we clutter the rooms up with furniture again. It is nice to finally have some color on the walls.

The latest at work this week is that my boss has now decided to make a decision on the position by Nov. 1st. This means I'm essentially interviewing for the job that I've been doing now for the past month. I also told my boss that starting next week I was going to be leaving in the afternoons to work from home. I've been dealing with various 6pm phone calls because of time zone differences (across the globe) and it has just become too much for me to get home that late. So I'll be leaving the office in the afternoon early enough to beat traffic and working from home. We'll see how it works

More people are popping up pregnant around me and I just realized that for the first time, I received news of two new pregnancies (one of a close friend and one of a coworkers wife) and I didn't have any feelings of jealousy or hurt whatsoever. Is it possible that I'm starting to move past this?


nancy said...

It's hard to move past it. Even with 2 babies on the outside and 1 on the inside, when my friend of 18~ish years called me to tell me she got a BFP on her very first month of trying, I smiled huge, congratulated her whole heartedly, then told her to fuckoff. :)

I have to take my 3 hour next week. I'm not looking forward to it. Yay for passing!

s.e. said...

So many things to say....Happy belated birthday... You look absolutely adorable...I am glad your sugar levels are good...yeah for a painted nursery- seriously how long have you dreamt of that?...and the best, beginning to move past it all.

donellad said...

I'm so glad to hear you passed the test! One less thing to worry about.

PJ said...

so glad your glucose was ok!

It's interesting about your test results via phone connection to IF. I am waiting until Saturday for my beta and keep running both scenerios over in my head. Like somehow I could prepare myself???

I did remember that you bled, and right around Monday I read those posts on your blog. They made me feel a bit better. I have not bled at all since Tuesday, which might be good. :)

Ms. J said...

I think you're absolutely right on why you had such an emotional reaction to news of passing your test . . . after all you have been through, it's certainly understandable. Isn't is nice to WIN for a change, LOL?!

And good for you for telling your boss that you'll be working from home. You and babies need it.

Rebecca said...

I cried after failing my 1-hour test...I was so mad...congratulations on passing!

I would lose my breath all the time when I was PG and it wasn't easy doing that in front of a room full of 8th graders...they thought it was hysterical!

Rhonda said...